What's for breakfast?

While eating breakfast this morning, I heard Eli playing in his bed. I went to get him up, and I still had a piece of food in my mouth.
E: What're you eating?
Me: My breakfast
E: I wanna see!
(so I do what any good mother would do and open my mouth to show him my food :) ha)
E: I want some!!
Me: Okay, let's go eat! Did you poop?
E: Nope
(Hurray, no diaper to change yet...he's not the biggest fan of having his diaper changed first thing in the morning. I probably wouldn't be either.)

We get downstairs, I put him in his high chair and give him his milk.
E: I want breakfast, Mom.
Me: What would you like to eat?
E: Breakfast
Me: Do you want cereal?
E: No, I want breakfast.
Me: (hahahahaaa) Welllllll, what do you want to EAT for breakfast? Do you want Chex? (his normal)
E: (shaking his head) Breakfast
Me: Well, buddy, ALL of it is breakfast! (oh my how am I going to explain and get out of this one?) You can have cereal for breakfast! Or you can have waffles. Do you want waffles?
E: Yes


Jessica said…
sweet post. I love these that give the actual moment by moment glimpse into your lives. I bet Eli has changed so much since I last saw him!!! So exciting

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