It's Fryeday!!

I'm pretty sure most of you know I love Fryeday. It starts with my last name (well, not really, but you know :) ), it means my husband/babies' daddy is about to be home for the weekend, and it means it's FAMILY NIGHT!! Here are my completely random thoughts on this lovely day...

The baby was up at 6 am to nurse (as is his custom.)

My husband normally does morning duty around here. By morning duty, I mean he is up with the boys at 7. He fixes their milk/juice and breakfast and takes care of them until I come out at the last minute possible (i.e. when he leaves for work.) He had to leave early this morning to meet with a friend, so I am on duty. AND I just have to say, it is still pitch black outside. Titus is already up, and Justus appears to be sleeping in. (It's a miracle.) It is 7 minutes past 7, and if he's not up yet, it means he's still asleep. He is allowed to come out of his room at 7, and normally he doesn't let an extra minute pass.

I have no idea what to do for Family Night tonight. Derek has had an extremely busy week this week, and he is topping it off with 35 patients today. What does this mean for him? A great week (tiring and stressful, yes...but high numbers make the higher ups happy.) What does it mean for the rest of us around here? Daddy won't be done on time today. Maybe we'll pick up dinner and take it to his office. We've been known to do infiltrate his office around closing time ;)

We haven't been out of the house since last Saturday. HA! Yes, I'm serious. Needless to say, I'm glad to have plans for this afternoon (book club first then dinner at Derek's office :) )

Two of my boys washed dishes for me yesterday (or shall we say sloshed water around everywhere, thus shining the sink, counter tops, and kitchen floor)....after one of these boys had been begging me to do so. Pictures coming soon.

I need to go on a date. Actually, I need to go on 4 dates. (I actually had to stop for a second to count.) At the top of my list is a date with my husband. THAT hasn't happened in a ridiculously long time. Anyone want to babysit for free? :) I also want to go out with each of the three older boys for a little one-on-one time. We haven't done that in awhile, and I miss it.

Titus had quite the "middle child" kind of day yesterday. I don't even want to admit to some of the things he was neglected, because I am so ashamed. He is so easy, plays so well by himself, and doesn't ask for much. Sometimes, those qualities lead to him getting left out of things. I feel awful about it, hence my feeling like I need to take especially him on a date. Let's just say, only 2 of the 3 children I bathed yesterday actually were washed with soap. Josiah was crying, and I ended up letting Titus just play in the soapy water leftover from the other 2. He was having fun, and's not like he complained about my not washing his hair or anything!

Speaking of Titus, I guess it's just the 2 of us up and around this morning, so maybe we'll get a little breakfast date in. He's been up for 30 minutes now, so he should be on speaking terms at this point. (He's not a morning person...just like me.)

Have a great Fryeday, everyone!!!!!!!

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Jessica said…
I hope you get those dates in! One-on-one time with you must make Titus feel so special!

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