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Selfie Collage


House Tour!!!

It's here!!!
I told family for a long time that I would have pictures of our house for them once we got settled in. This seemed like the easiest way to share those :)
Taking pictures of my house with my iphone camera sure makes me appreciate those professional realtor pictures! ha!! Anyway, I certainly didn't clean up everything for these pictures...I mean, I am definitely not trying to sell this thing anytime soon. We LOVE living here!!!
First up, our school room - 

We don't currently use our school drawers, so they are pushed into a corner for now.  The white boards were a Valentine's, seriously. I actually texted Derek and said, "You know what you can get me for V-Day? White boards." Bam #iamateacher

Living room - 

Seriously, how do they get their pictures so bright?!!!!

I can see from my kitchen into the Living Room, and I LOVE that! The kids never, ever eat at the bar....I mean, it's over the carpet for crying out loud...but I do love how i…

2015 Football Team Pictures

It's been real.
It's been fun.
And well, it's always nice to get a little time off. 
3rd/4th grade Eagles  PreK/Kindergarten Cowboys  1st/2nd grade Eagles
No Super Bowl champs this season, but they sure got close...AGAIN!!!!
Josiah scored his first touchdown!! It was adorable.  Eli was our little pick-six/intercepting beast!! Titus never ceases to amaze us with his brain AND skills on the field. Justus was amazing in his usual athletic-self way. 
All around, there was some great flag-pulling, many interceptions, touchdowns, and catches by the Frye boys. It was a fun season :) 
Basketball starts June 28!

Encouraging words

In our house, there are a lot of words. Spoken words are plentiful, so I have taken it upon myself to make sure there are also plenty of written words. 
Truth. Encouragement. Reminders. Promises.
Spoken words can often be said in moments of anger, frustration, excitement, or stress (ahem.)
By taking the time to sit with God's Word and write out Scriptural truths and promises from the Lord, I have been able to fill our home with "whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right...excellent or praiseworthy!" (Phil. 4:8)  We are filling our minds with the things we are commanded to "think about." Throughout the day, when spoken words come FROM me and AT me in constant conversation with my children, may we all brush those off and PUT ON these truths!!
Some of these words were given to us. Gifts of encouragement that also help to decorate many rooms in our home. 

Others were made by my kids...

decorated by my kids...

or made by me.

Some are written on sticky n…

Ten things I learned this week...

1. They really should make coffeemakers dummy-proof. Everyone who uses a coffeemaker is essentially sleep-deprived, correct? How do they expect us to remember to put water in the thing EVERY TIME?!!! AND we have to remember the coffee grounds? Too much for this tired mom, apparently.
2. Leather can be made from any animal, including dogs and cats in China. Sometimes, I rely on Professor Google when my kids ask me questions.
3. Although my face has been breaking out like a teenager, I must accept the fact that I have adult skin and need to treat it as such. Also, honest people who share their struggles and things they have learned are such a blessing. I think I'm on the path to conquering this beast of acne.
4. A 17-month-old saying "Thank you!" is the most precious thing I've ever heard. 
5. Putting a fleece blanket over a window helps my 8 and 6 year olds sleep late in the morning. Who else wants a blanket??
6. Having a toenail removed is not for sissies. Also not …

Wordless Wednesday