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I was not going to do my regular 25 days of Christmas fun this year. We are/have been in the middle of moving twice, and I just wasn't up to planning all of the craziness. It worked out, because it has definitely been crazy around here, as well as full of sickness. All 5 kids have had what I think to be the flu. I googled the symptoms the other day and was laughing out loud at the exact accuracy. "Comes on suddenly, fever, aches, runny nose, watery eyes." Yep, yep, yep! They forgot to add, "whining, crying, incessant coughing like nails on a chalkboard!!!!!" 
Anyway, the other day, I got into the Christmas spirit and really wanted to make sure we pull our focus in on why we celebrate this time of year. I made a 12 Days of Christmas box and planned some of our usual Christmas fun ideas…some days are more involved and exciting than others :) 
We are looking at different sayings/words/phrases we see and hear around Christmas time and discussing what those things …