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A Giveaway!!

Love Chris Tomlin's music? Love Christmas? Want to enter a contest to win $120 worth of goodies? Go to Kristen's blog (We are THAT Family) and put your name in the hat!!

25 Days of Christmas

I've been working on this year's 25 Days of Christmas for Justus and Titus well over a week now, and I am EXCITED!! :) The boys certainly get a kick out of a lot of what we do, but I think I enjoy it the most. I love planning the days, buying the little supplies/presents for each of the days, and wrapping them up and preparing the envelopes for our "events." I won't post pictures of every single day (well, who knows with me...I just might actually do that, but no promises!)...but you can follow our daily plans on my Google Calendar at the top right sidebar. OR you can get a sneak peak of the plans here:

Day 1 (a.k.a. December 1): Put up the Christmas tree and decorate it!!
Day 2: Decorate house with stockings, Christmas doormats, etc.
Day 3: Set up Nativity Scene sans Jesus and read the story of Jesus' birth
Day 4: Snowman Felt Pictures
Day 5: Trip to the library to check out Christmas books and videos
Day 6: Dye pasta for Merry Christmas banner
Day 7: Red and Green…

Photos of our Thanksgiving Festivities

Snapshots of our Thanksgiving Day!! Hope yours was great!!!!

Getting ready for dinner...

A little video game entertainment for the boys

Eli was entertained by the fish :)

Carving the turkey!!!!!!!

Let's eat!

Kids' table :)

Table for one

Family time

And of course, naptime :)

Happy Birthday, Eli!!!!!!!!!!!!

A little over a year ago, we were a family of four. We knew you were on your way, but we had no idea how you would change our lives. We are so thankful for the day you were born...a day I will never forget.

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One year later, we are celebrating the one year anniversary of your birth...your BIRTHDAY! I just can't believe you are one. You still aren't walking, and you only have ONE tooth, so others might find your age hard to believe as well! :) You were born the day before Thanksgiving, 2008. In light of your birthday being ON Thanksgiving this year, we had your party at Uncle Jack's in the midst of our Thanksgiving Day celebrations. We are blessed in so many ways, but today, we are especially thankful for YOU!

We love you, Monkey!!!!

Excerpt from one of our Thanksgiving books...

"Then somebody spotted
An ax by the door,
And she asked Farmer Nuggett
What it was for.

With a blink of his eye
And a twist of his head,
The old farmer told
A grim tale of dread....

And when they returned
To quiet the matter,
The children were calmer
(And mysteriously fatter!)....

They limped to the school bus
All huffing and puffing -
It's not easy to walk
With hot turkey stuffing."

*Taken from 'Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving" by Dav Pilkey

Just in case you didn't notice...

I have started another blog to document our fun activities HERE :)

A new sport for Juice

Bowling!!! Sorry for the bad picture quality! He looks pretty cute in those bowling shoes, though, doesn't he?! ;)

All we could do was to sit, sit, sit, sit

Eli's new favorite thing to do? Sit :) He loves climbing into chairs, backing into little seats, and crawling up into my lap to SIT! It's so cute watching him. He must think he's such a big boy, because whenever he plops down, he just sits there and smiles...often after clapping about his accomplishment!

A Compilation of Must-Have Mom Advice (Possibly my Longest Post Ever!)

(More like....What I Learned The Past Four Years!!!)

I have been a mom for 4 years. Over those 4 years (and even prior to that when I count my years of babysitting, nannying, and going to school for Child Development), I have learned countless pieces of advice about the infant stage, the terrible toddler phases, preschooler challenges, and general mothering. Some of these pieces of advice I laughed at and then learned later on how absolutely invaluable they really ended up being in my life. Some of the things I thought were amazing and oh-so-wise I eventually realized were not in line with my parenting style, my beliefs, or my kids' personalities/learning styles. I wanted to put together a list of random tidbits, advice, and tricks of the trade I have found to be crucial in my four years of mothering. Take what you like, throw out what you don't, and bend others to your liking. Enjoy!!

The Infant/Baby Stage...

When your baby has mastered the pincer grasp and is self-feeding, keep…

Oink Oink


Fryeday Raves, Brags, and Freebies

Yes, we like to call Friday "Fryeday." Call us dorks, we don't care:) It's fun for us to pretend there is a day named after us....

I wanted to rave about this book. I don't really know how much information I'm allowed to give (like I don't think I can quote the whole book for you...), but I just bought this book for the boys and LOVE it. As much as we talk about Thanksgiving, I don't ever really tell the history lesson behind the origin of the "holiday." This book, however, does it quite nicely for me. In very easy to understand language, the book lays out the story of the Pilgrims living in England, leaving for a new find Plymouth, Massachusetts, where they experience hard times with planting and harvesting much, until Native Americans (including Squanto :) ) teach them about hunting and planting, leading up to the great feast of celebration and Thanksgiving. Now, instead of just talking about giving thanks to God for the blessings…

I love you, BUT......

Before I begin, forgive me for this post. My hubs is not home yet, kids are in bed, and I'm bored :)

Dearest Chick-Fil-A people,

Oh how I love you all. What a nice place to go for both a play area for the kids and somewhat adult food along with kids' meals. I think the only better thing would be a Starbucks with an indoor playground...I mean, seriously, why has no one done that yet??

Thank you for all you do for our family. On nights like tonight, a trip to your restaurant is nothing less than ordained by God. You are all so helpful, your food makes my kids smile (and actually makes it into their stomachs), the bathrooms we frequent are always clean, the "toys" (SLASH often books or activity cards) you give in the kids' meals are almost always MUCH to my liking, and on nights like tonight, what could have turned out as a HORRIBLEpullmyhairoutSTRESSFULwhydididothis event ends up literally saving us all.

I felt like I was at the end of my rope this afternoon, so I ma…

Getting ready for Thanksgiving

When I think of my Thanksgiving memories as a child, I remember decorating paper grocery sacks and dressing up like Pilgrims and Indians, Thanksgiving meals with the fam, and making these...

Haha! Good times!! :)

Signs of the Times

Going for a nature walk to collect things
for our nature table and to clean up trash in the neighborhood
(well, two of us were walking!)

Beautiful trees we saw
(I don't think I've ever
witnessed such a colorful Fall in Texas yet!!)

Slipping and Sliding in the acorns

Our Nature table is looking festive:)