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First Day of School!!!


Happy Birthday to me! :)

My sweet husband...

I was woken up by some very cute guys this morning, serenading me with the Happy Birthday song. Then I was told, "Come eat your chicken minis!!" I walked out of the room, through the streamers on my door :)

and saw this.

That's right, that's our family. Derek on the left, all the way down to Josiah. (By the way, seeing our family represented by balloon heads made me realize how fast our family is growing. wow haha!)

I ate my breakfast, drank my sweet tea (I love you, Derek!), and told the boys they had to be PERFECT today, since it was my birthday. We'll see if that works out...

Hopefully I can work it out to take a picture of me and the boys today with my camera timer! I at least have to make an appearance on the blog for my birthday!

Fun Fotos: Mason Jar

I didn't have any empty mason jars around the house, and I certainly didn't want to buy a 10 pack just to take some fun fotos!! Instead, here are a couple pictures of Titus and Eli's Mother's Day Out Teacher's Gifts for the beginning of the year. They were fun to make, colorful, and full of useful school supplies for their teachers (inside a useful water bottle ;) )

Next up: Bokeh!! Fun!!! :)

Good morning!!


our TV-watching Justus
our sick with the stomach bug Titus

our goofball, Eli

and the ham, Josiah!


With all the "liking" on Facebook these days, I thought I would do a like/dislike blog post in honor of the craziness.
I LIKE summer and the hot weather that comes with it (much, much better, in my opinion, than being cold)
I DISLIKE the fact that there have been so many triple digit temperature days this summer that I have lost count.
I LIKE making bacon for my husband because he loves it so much.
I DISLIKE....making bacon
I LIKE having breakfast for dinner (or Brinner, if you will!)
My kids DISLIKE the fact that there is no dessert afterwards!!
I LIKE helping my friends out with questions and concerns having to do with labor, birth, breastfeeding, etc.
I DISLIKE how I get so emotionally involved and end up mad at OBGyns who only look out for THEIR best interest every.single.time. (especially to find out that the doc I used 4 and 6 years ago is still using the same old excuses …

The Big Picture

Hot Air Balloon Festival: $5

Tickets for Merry-go-Round: $4

A sweet ride and precious memory with my monkey: Priceless :)

It's almost here!!!!!!

Reading, writing, and arithmetic....let the school year begin! We start next week!!

Fryeday at its Finest


Fun Fotos: Action

The big boys' first ride...carnival style!!

Up next: Mason/Jelly Jar

Another Justus funny

Yesterday, I had 2 giant knots on my leg from switching 4 car seats from our van to my mother-in-law's van. (Car seat switching is a dangerous sport, let me tell you!!) First, I banged my leg into the hitch on the back of the van while I was trying to hoist one of the 2 gigantic car seats up over the back of the seat (while also laying the back seat down just to fit the car seat over it...madness!) Then, as I was lifting the SECOND gigantic car seat over the same back seat, it slipped and nailed my leg right above the first injury. Ugh, painful and I knew I would get pretty bad bruises.

I didn't realize I would get 2 weird knots, which ended up being bigger than marbles, in those spots...but when I did notice the knots, my pain instantly increased (or maybe just the queasiness in my stomach, but anyway...) Fast forward to later in the day, knots still very present. The boys were getting rough (surprise, surprise), and I told them to PLEASE watch out for my leg. "Why are y…

Love...get the kleenex ready!


The Big Picture

~Taking a moment for calm amidst the chaos~