And THIS was Sunday...

We celebrated Justus' 6th birthday at a little water park this year. Thanks to Chrissy, I have pictures to prove it :) It was so much fun, not very crowded, and the water was actually refreshing (unlike the "bathwater" some Texas pools contain this time of year.)

(Most of the pictures are of our fam and the 5G's.)

First, we swam...

A little break for cake

Then off to do some more swimming!

{A blessed mom indeed!!}

Wait, we're missing one...

Here, this one will work!

All of the kids were too small for the slide, so the dads took one for the team

and all the kids watched

And now, some splish splashing cute pictures of our party guests:

Finally, after 3 hours of swimming, it was time for presents!

{Thank you, Grammy. He LOVED the jersey!! :) }

The Frye Fam boys are growing up :(
Here we are with our 6 (on Aug. 5, technically), 4, 2, and 1 (on Aug. 3, technically) year olds!!!
Happy birthday, Justus!!!! We love you!


Anonymous said…
Looks like it was great fun! Looooove the pictures!!! Happy Birthday Josiah & Justus!!
Paula Hill said…
I agree with Mimi...looks like you all had a great time! I really enjoyed seeing all the pics! Thanks for sharing! Happy Birthday Josiah & Justus!! Love & Hugs to All!!

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