Another Justus funny

Yesterday, I had 2 giant knots on my leg from switching 4 car seats from our van to my mother-in-law's van. (Car seat switching is a dangerous sport, let me tell you!!) First, I banged my leg into the hitch on the back of the van while I was trying to hoist one of the 2 gigantic car seats up over the back of the seat (while also laying the back seat down just to fit the car seat over it...madness!) Then, as I was lifting the SECOND gigantic car seat over the same back seat, it slipped and nailed my leg right above the first injury. Ugh, painful and I knew I would get pretty bad bruises.

I didn't realize I would get 2 weird knots, which ended up being bigger than marbles, in those spots...but when I did notice the knots, my pain instantly increased (or maybe just the queasiness in my stomach, but anyway...) Fast forward to later in the day, knots still very present. The boys were getting rough (surprise, surprise), and I told them to PLEASE watch out for my leg. "Why are you hurt, Mom?" Justus asked me. "I banged my leg earlier when I was moving the car seats, see?" (as I hoisted my leg up to show him the knots)

Now, like any normal mom, I hadn't shaved my legs today. So in his sweet, sensitive empathy, Justus responded with, "Oooooh yeah, look at those spiky things. That looks like it hurts!"



Paula Hill said…
Ha! Ha! Now that was hilarious! Love and Hugs to all!
chrissy said…
Hilarious! You should be proud of how observant he is. hahahaha!!! Gotta love those truthful little boys.

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