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New Year's Resolutions

I don't normally make new year's resolutions, mainly because I'm pretty skeptical that I'll follow through...and who wants that disappointment?:) This year, though, I've decided to try it. I'm going to keep my list short in the hopes that I won't feel overwhelmed, and I might actually be able to accomplish what I set out to accomplish! I'm putting it out there for all (2:)) of you to see. Feel free to check in with me in 2009 to see how I'm holding up!

1. Many people think we're a healthy family. Maybe it's the chiropractic school thing, maybe it's the green/"crunchiness" in us...I don't know. Let me tell you, though, we most certainly do not eat as healthy as we should! We don't give our kids a lot of cake, candy, and ice cream, but I definitely feed them plenty of "empty" meals and snacks. So...resolution #1: Eat healthier. I've already been practicing for this one. Justus is pretty good about trying thin…

Eli's one month old pictures:)


Merry Christmas!

We started Christmas celebrations with dinner and a gift exchange with Derek's brother, Jack on the 23rd. The boys got a Spiderman punching bag:) It's one of those big blow up things that pop back up after you knock them over. (a huge hit in our house right now...they love it.) On Christmas Eve, the boys all put on their new Christmas pajamas, we took pictures, and they each got to open a gift. Derek and I put Justus and Titus to bed, wrapped the rest of the gifts, and played our new Family Feud DVD game (one of my gifts to Derek.)

On Christmas morning, we got Titus out of bed and all went into Justus' room with bells, singing "Jingle Bells." We all opened our stockings, and Derek fed J and T their breakfast while I made my and Derek's breakfast. (The boys have eaten this one certain cereal and/or oatmeal every morning for the past they're pretty into that routine and don't like it when that changes!) Next, we let J and T open one gift, so …

Hahahahahaha, look at little Derek!!!!!!!!!

Okay, I had to post this.....if Justus is not absolutely a mirror image of Derek.... hahahahaha:):):) (They're painting the living room...Titus' room is next!!!)
Eli on Titus' changing table...just being happy:)

You know a kid doesn't feel well when they lay down on the floor to watch "Barney." (Titus has a cold.)

Eli in (Titus' old) "I'm the Little Brother" t-shirt:)

Justus holding Eli on the couch. I must say, I am blessed with an extra pair of hands for this...Eli definitely likes to be held:) Thankfully, Justus LOVES to hold him!!

Chiropractic Works!!

Justus has been stuttering off and on for a few months now, but lately it had gotten a lot worse. We thought he was going through that normal stuttering phase that so many kids go through, but when he started getting really frustrated and telling us that he just couldn't say what he was trying to say, we asked a chiropractor at Derek's school about it. He told Derek about an adjustment that might help.

I'm going to give you an explanation in simple terms. Derek can explain it much better:) Derek was to measure Justus' head...comparing the left side to the right side. If one side was bigger, it would mean Justus had intercranial pressure, which could be causing the stuttering. (I might be coming back to edit this if I find out I haven't been using all the right words:)) It turns out that one side of Justus' head was in fact bigger than the other, so Derek began the adjustments. It is hard to explain, but it's 3 simple motions Derek does with his thumbs on th…

Advent Day 16

First of all, can I say how wonderful it is when all 3 of your kids are napping at the same time??!!!! This is the 2nd day in a row this has happened, and I am enjoying it thoroughly! The strange noise (quiet!) is a little weird, though:) Anyway, Justus' friend came over this morning and we made Gingerbread houses...or Graham Cracker shacks to be more specific:) Here are some pics:

A few more pictures:)

Here's Justus and Eli on the couch hanging out together......

Here's Justus and Titus putting on a puppet show for us. (Justus was a seal, and Titus was an elephant.) After Derek, Eli, and I sat and watched and realized not much "puppet showing" was going on, Derek went back behind the "curtain" and took over while the boys and I watched. Aaah, memories:) .....

Advent Day 13

I certainly have not kept up with the Advent Calendar on a daily basis, BUT the cookie decorating day was very important to me. I know it's a lot of fun to do, it's a family tradition, and well...the cookies just taste good:) SO Day 13 was Cookie Decorating day:) Justus was thrilled to decorate and eat the cookies, and Titus was just happy to eat them:) I loved having a few minutes to make memories with the boys, keep up with a family tradition, and of course, take pictures!!.........

Bathtime for Eli


Advent Day 7

Titus didn't get to participate in this one:) Here's Justus painting his ornaments...these will be gifts for teachers, etc. He had a lot of fun!!

And here's a picture of Eli sucking his thumb...

...and hanging out with Daddy:)

A Day in the Life...

Wow, has my life changed. It officially takes us at least double the time to get everyone fed and dressed, teeth brushed, and out the door for any kind of outing. Here is what today looked like...

8:30 Derek leaves for school (Today is his first day of his pediatric certification. He will do this once a month on the weekends...not sure how many months!) I nurse Eli and get out of bed and see that Derek has made Justus and Titus eggs and english muffins for breakfast...what a great Daddy:) Change Eli and Titus' diaper and throw in the diaper pail. Grab Eli's diapers and wipes from last night and toss all in the washer to rinse.
9:00 Get breakfast for myself, check email.
9:30 Realize that we are going to HAVE to get out of this house today. Nurse Eli so he will be happy while I get everyone dressed and ready to go. Justus and Titus are asking for a snack, so I promise them one as soon as I finish feeding Eli.
10:00 Snacktime. I fix the food and gather up my clothes and the boys…

First day of Advent

I started the Advent envelopes with the boys yesterday. I still don't have every day planned yet, but we'll just plan those as they come:) I'm not going to post every day, but this first day was putting up the Christmas tree(s). We have one in our living room and one on Justus' has 25 drawers of tiny ornaments that he will put on the tree before bed each night. I'm looking forward to this whole Christmas season and hope you all are, too!!!