A Day in the Life...

Wow, has my life changed. It officially takes us at least double the time to get everyone fed and dressed, teeth brushed, and out the door for any kind of outing. Here is what today looked like...

8:30 Derek leaves for school (Today is his first day of his pediatric certification. He will do this once a month on the weekends...not sure how many months!) I nurse Eli and get out of bed and see that Derek has made Justus and Titus eggs and english muffins for breakfast...what a great Daddy:) Change Eli and Titus' diaper and throw in the diaper pail. Grab Eli's diapers and wipes from last night and toss all in the washer to rinse.
9:00 Get breakfast for myself, check email.
9:30 Realize that we are going to HAVE to get out of this house today. Nurse Eli so he will be happy while I get everyone dressed and ready to go. Justus and Titus are asking for a snack, so I promise them one as soon as I finish feeding Eli.
10:00 Snacktime. I fix the food and gather up my clothes and the boys' clothes for our big outing. (still not sure at this point where we're going to go, but I know we're going SOMEWHERE:)) Titus tells me he has to poop, so I ask if he wants to go on the toilet. He nods, so we all venture to the bathroom. (Last night, Titus peed on the toilet after telling Derek he needed to go....thought I'd give it a shot, too, but it was a no-go. Oh well, I'm not really ready for that yet anyway.)
10:30 Still, no one is dressed and it doesn't look like we're making any progress. Justus tells me he wants to "go somewhere." Trust me, buddy, so do I, I say!
11:00 Get Justus dressed successfully, send him to the bathroom to pee and brush his teeth. Realize that one of Titus' shoes is missing, and we all go on a search...we find it behind the curtain in the living room. Justus and I sing silly songs to Titus in order to keep him still so I can dress him and put on his shoes.
11:15 Brush Titus' teeth, get myself dressed, my teeth brushed, and nurse Eli one more time before we leave. Pack diapers for Eli and Titus and a change of clothes for Eli. (I keep extra clothes in the car for Justus and Titus...I need to add some in there for Eli now, too!) Still, I don't have a plan as to where we're going or what we're going to do!!
11:30 We're finally out the door! Did it really just take us 3 hours to do all of that? I'm never going to make it to my 9:30 Bible study when we start back(looking presentable anyway!) Off to Target, I decide. You can never go wrong with Target.
I pick out something decorative for the house and scan the clothes, hoping to find something cute I can wear in this "in between" stage of too small for maternity clothes, too big for my pre-pregnancy clothes. No such luck. Off to the toys. Justus and Titus play with the motorcycles, cars, and trucks. I am getting hot and feeling sore from standing so much, so I tell them it's time to go.
1:00 I realize how late it is (!!!!!!!) so we grab a pizza in the Target cafe for lunch:) haha Thankfully, we all think it tastes wonderful, so we have a fun, peaceful lunch date in Target. Grab a (decaf) mocha and cookie at Starbucks and head to the car.
1:30 We are back home! Straight to bed for a nap for Titus. Justus gets to play for 10 minutes until his timer goes off. I realize that I never washed the diapers after the rinse this morning, so I turn on the washer. Naptime for Justus!! I nurse Eli and read magazines on the couch while he naps on my chest. (I love these days:))
3:00 Titus is up, which is a really short nap for him. He eats his yogurt and watches an Elmo video.
3:45 Justus gets up...this was a VERY long nap for him! He eats his yogurt and watches Elmo with Titus.
4:00 I rinse the diapers one last time and throw them in the dryer. (also realizing how sad it is that it is taking me all day to do one load of laundry!!!!) Justus and Titus ride their motorcycles, chase each other around the house, and play with cars while I nurse Eli, change diapers, and try to clean the house a little bit. A friend brings us dinner and fudge (YES!) and Justus asks me if we can "go somewhere." No, I don't think so, bud!
5:30 I call Derek to see if he happened to get out early today! He doesn't answer:(
5:45 Our neighbor from across the street comes over to offer us an old futon. I tell her thank you, but we do NOT have room for any more furniture:)
6:00 Tell the boys it's dinnertime. Heat up the spaghetti and meatballs from our friend and sit down (by myself) at the table. Eli wants to nurse, so he joins me. (At least I have company now:)) Titus comes over and wants "noonoos," so I cut up some bites of noodles for him.
6:30 Daddy is home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Playtime begins:) I am officially off-duty, except for taking care of Eli, of course:)

Whew, I never would have thought doing so little could take so much time and energy!! Now that I have 3 little boys, I know better!


jackson said…
phew! I'm exausted after reading it!

It's about time to change that about me section! Just add it to the to do list :)


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