Merry Christmas!

We started Christmas celebrations with dinner and a gift exchange with Derek's brother, Jack on the 23rd. The boys got a Spiderman punching bag:) It's one of those big blow up things that pop back up after you knock them over. (a huge hit in our house right now...they love it.) On Christmas Eve, the boys all put on their new Christmas pajamas, we took pictures, and they each got to open a gift. Derek and I put Justus and Titus to bed, wrapped the rest of the gifts, and played our new Family Feud DVD game (one of my gifts to Derek.)

On Christmas morning, we got Titus out of bed and all went into Justus' room with bells, singing "Jingle Bells." We all opened our stockings, and Derek fed J and T their breakfast while I made my and Derek's breakfast. (The boys have eaten this one certain cereal and/or oatmeal every morning for the past they're pretty into that routine and don't like it when that changes!) Next, we let J and T open one gift, so they would have something to play with while Derek and I ate OUR breakfast. Finally, after we had all eaten, we opened ALL of the gifts, put new toys together, and played!!

The morning went by very quickly, since it took so long to open all the presents and put stuff together. Before we knew it, it was naptime!! We all had so much fun and made some great memories and traditions. We definitely missed being with family, but it was very fun to be able to start some of these traditions and do things with just the 5 of us. Derek and I thought it felt so weird, though, after our morning was over, because it was like..."now what?" since we weren't with family.

As far as gifts, Justus got Speedracer cars, a toolbox, and his favorite, fruit snacks. Titus got a couple motorcycles, trucks, and they both got a big airport with cars and a plane. Derek and I are already pretty annoyed at the quality of these cheap plastic toys...but the boys have been pretty entertained since Christmas morning. Oh, probably the biggest gift this year was for all of us...Nerf Dart Tag!!!!!! There are pictures of Justus wearing his gear in the slide show, and I'll definitely have to put more pictures of that action later:)

I hope you all had a great Christmas with your families and friends. We missed you and love you!


jackson said…
thanks for making our Christmas merry and bright

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