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Flash Forward

I can't help but think of future days when these two and their brothers will come home from dirt biking or mudding in their dad's passed-down FJ Cruiser or from a good old fashioned game of mud ball....all covered in filth and stinking up my house like they already do. 
I can't believe that on those days, I will think back to THESE days...
when they were so cute and little and all they had to get messy in was a little puddle of mud in our backyard after a good rain. 
I'm sure, like I did today, I will hose them down, send them to the shower, and kiss their wet, CLEAN heads of hair while taking even larger loads of clothes to the washer to soak.

Play on, boys. Play on :)

Prego Pics, Baby #5...IT'S A GIRL!!!

15 weeks
20 weeks
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