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Meet Josiah

Siah is the epitome of a "baby of the family." Josiah is 2 years old, and...well, I don't even know where to begin. He is a ham, always looking for ways to make someone happy. The things that come out of this child's mouth make us laugh ALL day. When you hear him talk, you wouldn't know he was two if it weren't for his missing sounds. "Oh! Dat's petty awesome! Dat's my fave-it!" He is always coming up with new words to add to his vocabulary...just when we think he knows every word in the book. We call Josiah our genius :) If he is doing anything remotely guilty, all he has to do is flash that smile at me or his dad one of his brothers, and he is instantly proven innocent. Spoiled? Maybe, but he's our baby!!

Meet Eli

Eli is our 4 year old. Rambunctious and loud are the first words that come to my mind to describe this monkey. Eli loves to play in the dirt, loves puzzles and games, and is always getting into some kind of trouble with a brother or two. His smile is the best...he knows exactly how to say, "Please forgive me," without using any words. He loves to eat, loves to wrestle, and is so thick and heavy that we now call him "Tank." His head might as well be a brick, but don't be fooled...Eli is full of emotions. He is either laughing hysterically, screaming at the top of his lungs, kicking down his bedroom door, or having an amazingly involved discussion full of every facial expression imaginable. Eli loves having the Bible read to him, and he leads the family in prayer any chance he can get.

Meet Titus

He is smart, witty, and has a memory that surpasses me so much so that it truly worries me.  Titus James is the most literal thinker, but when it comes to going against the grain and thinking OUTSIDE of the box, he's first in line. He is adventurous, courageous, outgoing, and funny. He can pick up on a play on words in a heartbeat, and he comes up with his own jokes that are actually starting to be pretty funny.

Give him used paper towel rolls, an empty box, and tape, and he will create some kind of elaborate creature or vehicle. He makes sticks, rocks, and dirt some of the most fun and interesting things to play with, and I so love that about him. He leads his little brothers in all kinds of games and shenanigans, and they love playing with him because of it. 

Still a picky eater, Titus is the one child who will request certain meals and things from the grocery store. The boy knows what he likes, and he's not afraid to voice it. He has had mohawks, buzz cuts, and more simply…

Meet Anna

That would be me!! I am ever seeking and striving to become the mother and wife the Lord has designed me to be. I cringe when I think of the things people would say when, as a young girl, I would dream of being a stay at home mom. "Oh, is there anything else you want to be? What else are you going to do? You can be ANYTHING you want to be!!" (as if mothering was not a sufficient calling) I am blessed beyond words in this mothering career I have embarked upon, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I am thankful for the blessings that are my husband and children, and I am grateful God put the desire in my heart to be who I am today.

Meet Derek

Derek is a Godly husband and dad, and I hesitate to write about him for fear that my words will simply not suffice to describe how wonderful he is to us. This funny, sweet, loving man is a hard worker. He is a fabulous doctor to his chiropractic patients (I hear about it straight from their mouths all the time!!) Father to our five children, he is caring, sacrificial, and a blessing in innumerable ways to our family.

Meet Justus

Still sensitive, caring, and sweet as a double fudge chocolate cake (first sweet thing that came to my mind), almost every thing I say to describe Justus will involve someone else. He fixes people’s cereal in the morning, he helps me clean the house, he takes care of Naomi and dotes over her like she is his pet (might as well be!) He lives with his eyes open – always looking to see how people are reacting to what he says or does. He is learning about the power of his words and the influence he has on his brothers, and he’s not taking it lightly. 
Justus loves to be outside. He is getting so strong and tough. I can't hardly keep him inside. He comes in just long enough to do school, and as soon as I release them for a break, he's back out the door. Come to think of it, maybe he doesn't like us?! ;)

He loves math and science and is always begging me to plant things and do science experiments. He concocts bottles of different colored liquids and keeps them in the freezer. A…

Raising Real Men posts

I blogged through the book, Raising Real Men, by Hal and Melanie Young. It is a phenomenal book about raising our young boys for the Lord. The Young's have raised six boys, so I'd say they have some experience in the field :) Enjoy my summaries and "quotes of the week," and pick up a book for yourself. You won't regret it!

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