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There are no words...


What a beautiful, beautiful sound

If the name of Jesus does not sound beautiful or great to you...if the sound of Savior, Defender, Redeemer does not stir up in you a desire to worship, to praise...a feeling of conviction, maybe, or a need to fall to your knees and cry out...

Please examine your heart.

The man, Jesus, is rarely disputed, but while Jesus was fully man, He was also equally fully GOD. Jesus is the reason we can say the name of God, the reason we can approach the throne with confidence in prayer. We all need Jesus JUST the same, and if you have for any reason been desiring to know more, to talk to someone who will readily admit faults and a need for forgiveness and redemption that is NO lesser or greater than your own desire for the same,

I don't know how many people read this blog. I know some friends read it for a time and then forget about it. I know there are family members out there who even forget they can keep up with me this way...but I also know I receive emails from complete strange…


This precious monkey
(who thanked God for legos the other night at dinner)

is "potty training."

I put that in quotes, because the only thing I have really "trained" him in, in respect to using the toilet is to...

teach him to close the door after using the toilet (in order to keep little brother out)

...and to just "turn and sit" and not to climb all OVER the toilet while trying to position himself to USE the toilet, lest he fall in the water.

We DO call him, Monkey, you know? :)

I am so proud of you, Eli!!!!!!!!!!! You are such a big boy!!

Facebook Funny/Freaky

Facebook creeps me out at times. I stay on it, choosing not to delete my account (yet), despite the many changes going on constantly. Why do I choose to stay on it? Well, because at least for right now, I have been able to stay connected with people for GREAT reasons, including learning of friends who are sick, need prayer, or have announcements like a baby on the way, etc. It seems like when I get that feeling of, "Alright, that's it. I'm deleting my account," something happens that makes me want to keep it. (like when I found out my midwife's husband was in the hospital for something very serious)
Either way, I'm still not sure I'll stay on if they continue the ridiculousness on there, BUT I thought this was hilarious (and also adds to my feelings of being "creeped" out...I mean, how do they comb through everyone's updates and posts in order to place meaningful ads and links on their sidebar????) Below is the entirety of my sidebar on Faceb…

Who's on First.? And the cutest catcher I've ever seen


Fort Frye

King-sized sheets we received over 8 years ago as a wedding present: Well, free :)

Ladder: $30

Watching the boys and their Daddy make a big mess in the living room with pillows, sheets, a ladder, and a bunch of clothes pins while all (well, not Derek) wearing really cute dinosaur pajamas? Priceless

The Big Picture

As a homeschooling mom, I am always looking at the "big picture" as far as learning experiences go. I want as much of our day (every day!) to involve learning, and I want it to be fun and beautiful and inspiring, etc. At this age and stage (Kindergartners and below!), that kind of thing is easy. Simply eating a snack can turn into a lesson on patterns:

~Snack time turned into Fruit Kabob time, which turned into a lesson on patterns :) ~

A couple funnies from today

Justus: Mom, can I have a snack?
Me: No, snack time is over. We'll be eating dinner soon.
Justus: mmmmmm (in a semi-grumbling mumble that sounded like a complaint about to leave his lips) Do everything without whining or complaining.
Me: What?
Justus: I was just saying the Bible verse. John 13
Me: You mean Philippians 2:14? Good for you. Thank you for not complaining :)
Titus: Mom, I put my dirty clothes in the dirty clothes basket.
Me: Thank you! You can put a sticker on your chart!!
Titus: Yea!! Mom, that's my last sticker. Now I have TEN stickers, and I get to pick a movie from the Redbox!!
Me: That's great, bud!!
Titus: (after a brief pause in his excitement about the Redbox movie reward)...What does that mean anyway?

More baseball pictures...such is our life right now :)

(or well, probably for the next 18 years or so!!)

Incoming!!! Too bad I'm not good at taking action shots :)
No babies were harmed in the making of this blog post. It was just a really close call. Really, really close.