Monday, October 27, 2008

Pumpkin Carving at Uncle Jack's

Another year of pumpkin carving!!!! This is our 3rd or 4th year of keeping this fun tradition. We added a few things to the mix this year. On previous Halloween get-togethers, we carved pumpkins with Uncle Jack, made pumpkin pie and roasted pumpkin seeds. This year, the boys dressed up in their costumes, we made pumpkin bread (as well as the pie), Uncle Jack made caramel apples, we (well Justus and I:)) drank hot apple cider, and the boys even got candy in their pumpkin buckets from Uncle Jack!! It is such a fun tradition, and we all love getting together for this fun event! This year, Derek made an AWESOME Shrek pumpkin (for Justus!!), and I made 2 little pumpkins with traditional faces. Jack and Will's pumpkins were also really cool when they were lit up. (It seems like the pumpkins never look good until you get them out in the dark and light the candles inside.) I really wish we had gotten better pictures of the pumpkins, though...that's something I need to learn how to do for next year's pumpkin carving.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch

We had a lot of fun at the Pumpkin Patch in Flower Mound tonight! We got there a little late, so we were all disappointed when it was getting too dark and cold to stay any longer. Our Texas boys did not like being cold, though, and we really couldn't see much in the dark!! They loved the bounce house, seeing all of the pumpkins, and racing through the bounce house maze with Daddy:)

Justus' last Little Tykes class

This morning was Justus' last class at the rec center. We used birthday money from Uncle Brian and Aunt Lauren, and it has been so much fun for him!!! We are not enrolling him in the "winter" class, b/c I'll be having a baby:) haha In this class, Ms. Stacey taught them basketball and soccer, and she even once attempted to have them jump rope. (We're not quite sure what she was thinking...the kids are 2-4 years old.) She was a great teacher, Justus absolutely loved going, and he is going to miss it! He told me he was sad that today was his last class. These pictures are not the greatest. The lighting is so weird in gyms, but I tried to pick out the best ones. I'll put all of them on dotphoto, so you can scan through those whenever I finish up the Oct-Dec album there.

There are normally about 10 kids in the class, so I have no idea why there were only 4 today.

I think Justus' favorite part of class is getting his hand stamped at the end. The kids put their hands on top of their heads, and they get a smiley face or star stamp. Justus talks about this in the car on the way to class, anticipating which one he will get that day:) He lets the stamp dry for about 15 minutes after he comes out of class, holding his hand out away from everything so as not to smudge it, haha!! Then, whenever he washes his hands the rest of the day, he does it oh-so-carefully to make sure he doesn't wash it off.

Great news all around....

Eli is head down! yea!!!! AND Derek passed his first set of boards!! Hallelujah!! We are so excited:) I have to remind myself, though, that while I am so thankful to God for these things, I would need to be thankful and joyful even if they didn't happen. God IS in control and has a plan for each of us. I am so thankful that these 2 things were in His will for us.

My appt. with my midwife yesterday was great. Aside from the great news of Eli being head down, I am constantly encouraged by how thorough and knowledgeable she is. She takes so much time poking and feeling around on my belly, and once she figures out where Eli's limbs, head, back, and butt are, she takes my hands and shows me how to feel for everything. She allows me to connect with my baby and my body in a way I have never experienced. She takes TIME to listen to and thoroughly answer my questions, and she is truly concerned about my overall well-being. I had to take the boys with me to the appt. yesterday, and she was so great about letting them sit on the table with me and be involved in everything. She was patient and wonderful, and I am so grateful that God placed her in our lives. I cannot wait to birth there!! I am actually EXCITED about labor and birth, thanks in huge part to Mrs. Betty!!!

Be watching for some hopefully cute pictures of the boys. Justus has his last soccer/basketball class today (where I THINK I am allowed to take pictures), we are going to a pumpkin patch tonight, and then we will be carving pumpkins at Jack's house Saturday night. SOOO, fun weekend planned, and I hope to get some fun pictures to journal here with!! See you then!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What's Going on Wednesday?

Justus is at Mother's Day Out today, so Titus and I enjoyed our morning together. (It's not very often that Titus gets all of the attention!) I am truly going to miss having one on one time with him once little Eli comes. I will have to start having Mommy/Son dates with each of the boys!! Titus is such a good boy, so happy and easily entertained, and SO independent. He would play by himself all day if he could. He is just hilarious and makes me smile constantly.

On another note, we are fogging our house this afternoon for fleas...much to my dismay. I really didn't want to have to do this, because of all the chemicals and fumes. Anyway, that will determine our plans for the rest of the day. We are going to vacuum and prepare the house for fogging, Derek will set off the cans, and then we'll all leave the house until bedtime. Derek is going to study at the library, and the boys and I are just going to pal around for awhile until Derek is finished. Derek's going to come open all the windows a couple hours after the fog has settled, then we'll all go get dinner and find some kind of entertainment until it's time to come home and get ready for bed.

Sounds like a fun afternoon, huh?:)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Flea Frustrations........

Well, we're dealing with fleas again. I'm not really sure how they've made a comeback, but from what I've read online, once you have them badly once, (and even after "taking care of them") they can come back season after season. She's at the groomer's right now getting a flea bath, she is shaved, and has frontline on. For now, we are taking her over to Jack's apt. to stay for awhile while we get our house and yard under control. I was starting to go nuts with seeing fleas on the boys and on the couch/carpet. Justus' rash is coming back on his leg, and his legs just look horrible with flea bites, mosquito bites, bruises, and that rash. With that and a new baby coming, we definitely wanted to get this taken care of. Sooo, Nugget will be at Jack's indefinitely!! We feel bad about "getting rid" of her, but we feel good that she will be with someone who will take care of her. We will still get to see her a lot, and honestly she will be getting much more attention this way. (Here lately, we have only let her in the house at night (and she goes straight to her crate so she's not on furniture, etc.) I'm picking her up in half an hour and we're heading over to Jack's. (We don't want her to take any fleas over there, so we're not bringing her back home at all beforehand!) Anyway, that's today's news. Sounds fun, huh?:)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Our Saturday

Derek has gotten into playing tennis with a guy from school lately...and therefore, Titus and Justus are into playing tennis as well:) After playing at home this morning, I had a baby shower given by the girls in our homegroup. 4 of us are pregnant right now, so this shower was for the 3 of us who are due in Nov and Dec. It was so much fun being showered with gifts, feeling loved, and getting some much needed girl time (not much of that going on around here!!) I received so many cute clothes for Eli, much needed things we registered for, many CUTE homemade items, and so many thoughtful gifts. The theme was pumpkins, so we all took home a little baby pumpkin!! Thanks to all the hostesses!!!! Here's a funny stairstep pic of us prego girls...

Finally, we ended the day watching Derek and his friend from school play tennis. Justus played as well, and I must say...he is quite the athlete. Happy Saturday!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

A month later....

Still experimenting here!!:) Let's see how often I post stuff in the next couple weeks...then I'll send out invitations to family to check out this blog! haha

So Justus' new favorite thing to say is "Awesome!!" Everything is awesome. "That's awesome, Mom...Look, Mom, AWESOME!!" Everything neat he does is awesome, and I think it's so funny that he says that now. I think he picked it up awhile ago from his friend, Cameron, but he's just started saying it all the time now.

Titus loves birds and will even pick up on a singing bird while we're eating and talking at lunch. Like today, we were eating Bernie O's, Justus was talking nonstop as usual, and all of a sudden, Titus goes (gasp) "Bird!!" Sure enough, a bird was singing outside. Titus is very observant, very independent, and WAY better at talking than Justus was at this age!! (Having a constantly talking 3 year old around helps, I'm sure!!)

One more story...Justus has a Screen Machine Spaceship, which he calls his motorcycle. He and Titus were playing today, and Justus announced that he was going to Ga-Bob's (Grandbob's) house. Titus hopped on the "motorcycle" behind him, and off they went! When they "got to Grandbob's house," Justus ran around our house saying "Yea!! We're at Grandbob's house! Yeaaaaaa!!" haha
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