What's Going on Wednesday?

Justus is at Mother's Day Out today, so Titus and I enjoyed our morning together. (It's not very often that Titus gets all of the attention!) I am truly going to miss having one on one time with him once little Eli comes. I will have to start having Mommy/Son dates with each of the boys!! Titus is such a good boy, so happy and easily entertained, and SO independent. He would play by himself all day if he could. He is just hilarious and makes me smile constantly.

On another note, we are fogging our house this afternoon for fleas...much to my dismay. I really didn't want to have to do this, because of all the chemicals and fumes. Anyway, that will determine our plans for the rest of the day. We are going to vacuum and prepare the house for fogging, Derek will set off the cans, and then we'll all leave the house until bedtime. Derek is going to study at the library, and the boys and I are just going to pal around for awhile until Derek is finished. Derek's going to come open all the windows a couple hours after the fog has settled, then we'll all go get dinner and find some kind of entertainment until it's time to come home and get ready for bed.

Sounds like a fun afternoon, huh?:)


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