Great news all around....

Eli is head down! yea!!!! AND Derek passed his first set of boards!! Hallelujah!! We are so excited:) I have to remind myself, though, that while I am so thankful to God for these things, I would need to be thankful and joyful even if they didn't happen. God IS in control and has a plan for each of us. I am so thankful that these 2 things were in His will for us.

My appt. with my midwife yesterday was great. Aside from the great news of Eli being head down, I am constantly encouraged by how thorough and knowledgeable she is. She takes so much time poking and feeling around on my belly, and once she figures out where Eli's limbs, head, back, and butt are, she takes my hands and shows me how to feel for everything. She allows me to connect with my baby and my body in a way I have never experienced. She takes TIME to listen to and thoroughly answer my questions, and she is truly concerned about my overall well-being. I had to take the boys with me to the appt. yesterday, and she was so great about letting them sit on the table with me and be involved in everything. She was patient and wonderful, and I am so grateful that God placed her in our lives. I cannot wait to birth there!! I am actually EXCITED about labor and birth, thanks in huge part to Mrs. Betty!!!

Be watching for some hopefully cute pictures of the boys. Justus has his last soccer/basketball class today (where I THINK I am allowed to take pictures), we are going to a pumpkin patch tonight, and then we will be carving pumpkins at Jack's house Saturday night. SOOO, fun weekend planned, and I hope to get some fun pictures to journal here with!! See you then!


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