Justus' last Little Tykes class

This morning was Justus' last class at the rec center. We used birthday money from Uncle Brian and Aunt Lauren, and it has been so much fun for him!!! We are not enrolling him in the "winter" class, b/c I'll be having a baby:) haha In this class, Ms. Stacey taught them basketball and soccer, and she even once attempted to have them jump rope. (We're not quite sure what she was thinking...the kids are 2-4 years old.) She was a great teacher, Justus absolutely loved going, and he is going to miss it! He told me he was sad that today was his last class. These pictures are not the greatest. The lighting is so weird in gyms, but I tried to pick out the best ones. I'll put all of them on dotphoto, so you can scan through those whenever I finish up the Oct-Dec album there.

There are normally about 10 kids in the class, so I have no idea why there were only 4 today.

I think Justus' favorite part of class is getting his hand stamped at the end. The kids put their hands on top of their heads, and they get a smiley face or star stamp. Justus talks about this in the car on the way to class, anticipating which one he will get that day:) He lets the stamp dry for about 15 minutes after he comes out of class, holding his hand out away from everything so as not to smudge it, haha!! Then, whenever he washes his hands the rest of the day, he does it oh-so-carefully to make sure he doesn't wash it off.


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