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PB & J face

aaaaah, classic:)

Eli is 2 months old!!!

So I took these today, and he was 2 months old yesterday, but you know......
Eli is such a happy baby. He smiles and coos and squeaks all the time. He gets so happy when I change his diaper, because he hates when it's wet. He gets sick of me picking his buggers and cleaning out his nose with the "snot sucker," but hey, somebody has to do it! Eli goes to sleep so easily for the most part and only nurses once or twice in the night. He'll sleep just about anywhere, through anything, which is a good thing in this house! (We even have a low-to-the-floor bassinet in the living room that he naps often in...while J and T chase each other with the sword or ride their motorcycles around and around the kitchen and living room "circle.") He coos at whoever will come and sit in front of him, and his favorite thing to "do" is be held. We are so happy you are in our lives, Eli!!

A Day in the Life (well, a morning:))

5:30-7 am Eli is grunting and whining and crying through some kind of gas, stomach ache, reflux issues. He nurses, burps, nurses, farts, nurses some more, and screams himself through it all. Finally, he's back to sleep.

7:30 Justus is up (wow, he slept in!!) Justus, Eli, and I venture out into the kitchen. I fix Justus' granola cereal and milk, and he goes to the table to eat. Eli and I go into the living room so I can pump. (Somehow, I am still feeling very full of milk, and he's no longer hungry.) I change Eli's diaper and clothes, fix Titus' oatmeal (with probiotics and flaxseed) and milk, and fix myself something to drink. (Breakfast is later for me, once things have calmed down a bit.)

8:00 I go get Titus out of bed. He eats off and on and is pretty whiny through it all, so I finally just hold him on the couch until he's ready to eat. (Thankfully, Eli is happy on the floor for a long time in the mornings:)) Titus finally decides he's ready to eat, finish…

Picture time:)

Tummy time!! (trying to roll...and very frustrated:))

J and T enjoying Eli's book, Tummy Time

Titus wiping away Eli's drool:)

Big brother Titus...I can't believe it!!

Eli lifting himself up...strengthening and shaping that spine!

Justus' picture of Daddy..hahahaha

Things aren't so bad:)

Well, I thought I should update everyone since my last post was kind of negative...haha. Derek is back at school, and yes, we are VERY busy. I must say, though, that things are not as hard as I thought they would be. Honestly, Derek and I both thought I would have lost my mind by now. Titus is going through such a temper tantrum, I want what I want he just gets hurt ALL the time. Aside from the frustrations of all of that and all of the housework that is literally impossible to get done with these 3 little boys, things are going pretty well! We are falling into the normal schedule we had last trimester, with the addition of a few new activities. (i.e. nursing a baby, Justus' soccer class at the Rec. Center, and trying to get the boys ready for bed by myself on Tuesdays and Thursdays) We are having so much fun, though, and Justus and Titus keep us laughing constantly. Derek has off today, but he is away I thought I would post some pictures of the last few…

Life, as we know it....

is about to end. Okay, not really, but Derek goes back to school tomorrow, so today is a sad day. Really, I guess if you look at it through my eyes, MY life is about to begin...and be VERY CRAZY. I have had the privilege of being extremely lazy during Derek's break from school. Derek lets me sleep in every morning, he cleans the kitchen, does the laundry, and takes care of the boys all the time. I know Justus and Titus are definitely going to miss having him around.

SO, we're back to the "grind" tomorrow. Derek has a very busy trimester this time around, so I will be searching and searching for things to do to occupy our time. I am very thankful for our local parks, friends to play with, and of course, WalMart and Target. One of the boys' favorite things to do is play in the toy aisles at these 2 stores. I'm sure we will be visiting a lot in the next few months:) Here's a picture of Titus playing at Target...

In other news, Derek's mom is coming down w…

Nothing to write about...

but I wanted to post some pictures:)