A Day in the Life (well, a morning:))

5:30-7 am Eli is grunting and whining and crying through some kind of gas, stomach ache, reflux issues. He nurses, burps, nurses, farts, nurses some more, and screams himself through it all. Finally, he's back to sleep.

7:30 Justus is up (wow, he slept in!!) Justus, Eli, and I venture out into the kitchen. I fix Justus' granola cereal and milk, and he goes to the table to eat. Eli and I go into the living room so I can pump. (Somehow, I am still feeling very full of milk, and he's no longer hungry.) I change Eli's diaper and clothes, fix Titus' oatmeal (with probiotics and flaxseed) and milk, and fix myself something to drink. (Breakfast is later for me, once things have calmed down a bit.)

8:00 I go get Titus out of bed. He eats off and on and is pretty whiny through it all, so I finally just hold him on the couch until he's ready to eat. (Thankfully, Eli is happy on the floor for a long time in the mornings:)) Titus finally decides he's ready to eat, finishes his oatmeal, and takes his milk to the couch so he can watch Sesame Street.

9:00 The boys begin their favorite activity - wrecking the house! They are very fast and good at this:) I ask them to help me with the laundry that I started last night, so Justus comes into the laundry room to carry the clean diapers from the dryer to the couch. Meanwhile, Titus grabs a bunch of loads of dirty clothes and proceeds to pile those on top of the clean laundry on the couch. I sigh and decide to just let him continue. (After all, he's having so much fun and saying "help" with such enthusiasm through it all...along with a big smile on his face!)

9:30 I lay Eli down for a nap, eat 3 blueberry muffins for MY breakfast, and ask the boys if they want to help me in the kitchen. The boys help me make banana bread with our very close to rotten bananas. They mash, add the ingredients in the bowl and help me stir.

Justus licks the beaters...ah, memories:)

10:00 I put the bread in the oven and clean up the MASSIVE mess we have made of the kitchen. The boys climb up to the kitchen counter on chairs to play with the radio, and Justus tells me he wants to listen to the "Speedracer" song (for the 20th time in the past 3 days.) They dance, laugh, and sing, cracking me up the whole time.

11:30 My little helpers help me wash dishes and manage to clean the counter, floor, and themselves in the process (See? multi-tasking!!!) Eli is awake, so we get everyone in dry clothes, I make smoothies (blueberries, rice milk, pureed greens and spinach, and Titus gets his liquid vitamin in his...see how sneaky I am?:)), and we enjoy our yummy banana bread together while Eli gets his milk;)

11:45 Justus spills his smoothie all over the floor, himself, and the wall. (He never spills his milk or water, but this is the second time in 3 weeks he has spilled a BLUEBERRY smoothie.) I take it in stride but declare that ALL his future smoothies will be placed in a cup with a lid and straw.

12:00 MORE clean clothes, more playtime, a little "Barney," and then naptime a little after 1:00. I throw all the blueberry covered towels and clothes in the washer (and I thought I would get a day off of doing laundry today:)), get myself some more banana bread and water, and sit down to enjoy some quiet time with Eli. He nurses back to sleep a little while later, and I sit down here to write all of this so I'll never forget this great morning with my kids.

I must say, I spent all morning in the kitchen and laundry room and had a FANTASTIC morning:) Thank you, Lord (and my sweet husband), for allowing me the privilege of raising our kids at home!!! I am blessed in so many ways. Now, I'm off to fix myself something (of substance) to eat:)


Anonymous said…
Boy does that bring back memories! What fun! How I enjoyed those days of "chaos"!!

You're a GREAT mom and I'm so happy and proud of how God is using you and blessing you! Those boys sure are blessed!

I look forward to the next time I can join in on the fun at the Frye house!!

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