Things aren't so bad:)

Well, I thought I should update everyone since my last post was kind of negative...haha. Derek is back at school, and yes, we are VERY busy. I must say, though, that things are not as hard as I thought they would be. Honestly, Derek and I both thought I would have lost my mind by now. Titus is going through such a temper tantrum, I want what I want he just gets hurt ALL the time. Aside from the frustrations of all of that and all of the housework that is literally impossible to get done with these 3 little boys, things are going pretty well! We are falling into the normal schedule we had last trimester, with the addition of a few new activities. (i.e. nursing a baby, Justus' soccer class at the Rec. Center, and trying to get the boys ready for bed by myself on Tuesdays and Thursdays) We are having so much fun, though, and Justus and Titus keep us laughing constantly. Derek has off today, but he is away I thought I would post some pictures of the last few days for you and update you a little bit on our happenings:)
(Hold your "mouse" over the pictures to stop the slides and to see the captions!!)


Anonymous said…
Oh my! I hardly recognize Eli! And Titus is sooooooo cute!! Justus--always the great big brother!

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