Life, as we know it....

is about to end. Okay, not really, but Derek goes back to school tomorrow, so today is a sad day. Really, I guess if you look at it through my eyes, MY life is about to begin...and be VERY CRAZY. I have had the privilege of being extremely lazy during Derek's break from school. Derek lets me sleep in every morning, he cleans the kitchen, does the laundry, and takes care of the boys all the time. I know Justus and Titus are definitely going to miss having him around.

SO, we're back to the "grind" tomorrow. Derek has a very busy trimester this time around, so I will be searching and searching for things to do to occupy our time. I am very thankful for our local parks, friends to play with, and of course, WalMart and Target. One of the boys' favorite things to do is play in the toy aisles at these 2 stores. I'm sure we will be visiting a lot in the next few months:) Here's a picture of Titus playing at Target...

In other news, Derek's mom is coming down with possibly Derek's aunt and grandmother in March. Derek has clinic entrance exams coming up next week and then boards in March (not to mention our 6 year anniversary at the same time as his boards, which is not going to be very big NEWS this year:))

SO, here's to our fabulous break with our fantastic daddy and husband:) Farewell, calm and easy days!


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