Thursday, December 7, 2017

Black History

They had been BEGGING me to go here for months. Justus and Titus are both very interested in black history. They devour historical fiction books, nonfiction chapter books, kids' storybooks...anything they can get their hands on about black history. They ask to watch documentaries and movies about anything to do with Jackie Robinson or Rosa Parks or Martin Luther King, Jr. 

I don't know what causes kids to grab hold of certain subjects or topics, and I know many things lose their novelty almost as quickly as the curiosity peaks...but this has been an interest for well over a year now. When I mentioned months ago that there was an African American Museum in Dallas, they made it their goal to pester me for a field trip until I found a good day. We finally made it.

This museum is FREE, and we even parked right in front of it for FREE. There was literally only one other group there. Of two people. So maybe it's not the most popular thing in Dallas, but we enjoyed it thoroughly (the lack of a crowd certainly added to my enjoyment ;) )

The museum has different exhibits, most of which contains artwork created by (mostly) untrained black artists. Mixed media, acrylic, photography, colored pencils, steel and wood sculptures. 

 The artwork is full of messages and history. Some of the stories are more obvious than others, but by taking what we already knew of black history and piecing it together with what we read throughout the museum, we were able to see it all as a way of telling the same story. 

We read about the Emancipation Proclamation, lynching, Juneteenth, Freedman Town (even after the slaves were freed in and around this area, they were all segregated to this town they dared to call "Freedman.") 

(yes, even Michael Jackson was there)

 The stories and messages intertwined throughout the artwork and video interviews and newspaper clippings were sobering to see for sure, but mixed with the walls and walls of men and women dedicated to ending racism, we see that the story isn't over. 

From oppression of blacks to violence among the black community...

to the first black president of the United States...

our nation is full of history. 

A lot of good and a lot of bad...but history that we can learn from nonetheless. It's a privilege to be learning alongside my kids. I'm glad they pestered me into this :)

Sunday, June 7, 2015


Sno Cones after swimming

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

House Tour!!!

It's here!!!

I told family for a long time that I would have pictures of our house for them once we got settled in. This seemed like the easiest way to share those :)

Taking pictures of my house with my iphone camera sure makes me appreciate those professional realtor pictures! ha!! Anyway, I certainly didn't clean up everything for these pictures...I mean, I am definitely not trying to sell this thing anytime soon. We LOVE living here!!!

First up, our school room - 

We don't currently use our school drawers, so they are pushed into a corner for now. 
The white boards were a Valentine's, seriously.
I actually texted Derek and said, "You know what you can get me for V-Day? White boards."

Living room - 

Seriously, how do they get their pictures so bright?!!!!

I can see from my kitchen into the Living Room, and I LOVE that!
The kids never, ever eat at the bar....I mean, it's over the carpet for crying out loud...but I do love how it looks and functions :)

Kitchen - 

This particular area was so odd, but I quickly decided it would be the kids' craft area, which has worked out wonderfully. We also have my Grandma's old table, and that comes in handy often for extra seating (we entertain countless kids at the Frye house...very rarely do we entertain adults.) God knew how much this little area would bless our family and neighbors and friends!!!

And this is our actual eating area...with the table we all fit around (well, actually we don't all fit around it...but Naomi is in the booster seat in a chair away from the table currently.)

I. love. this. kitchen.

Another sweet blessing? If you recall, we redid our kitchen at our old was for our own enjoyment, but also because we knew it would help us sell the house when that time came. That time came quickly, and I was so sad about leaving a kitchen I loved. This kitchen is way higher up on the totem pole in my heart now!!!

Front entryway - 

No, I didn't set those laser tag guns like that just for this picture...the boys actually store them like that. Hilarious!!!

This is our Dining Room - 

Again, my kids don't eat on carpet, so this is a playroom for us.
I didn't even bother cleaning this up for a picture. The boys are prepping for a garage sale, and it is all being collected here. Plus, like I said, it's a playroom. 
Playroom = lots of stuff

(just added this picture below for context of where the stairs are...
walk in the front door, dining room is on the right; straight ahead is kitchen on your right then Living room...also past the stairs and to the left is the downstairs full bathroom, laundry room, and school room. Clear as mud?)

At the top of the stairs is our playroom. It's giant. It's awesome. It even has a basketball goal. If my kids are inside and not doing schoolwork, this is where you will find them. Playing basketball...which is very loud when you are in the Living room right underneath!)

Justus and Josiah share a room - 

Titus and Eli share a room next door to that - 

One kids' bathroom upstairs -
(sorry, Naomi)

But she does get her own room :)

Our room - 

Our bathroom -
(I didn't even bother cleaning this up either)

And the best and messiest part of our house,

Our closet -
a.k.a. the Lego room

This closet is gigantic!
I would go so far to use my own made up word...
It is gargantuan.

Like, when we looked at this house with our realtor, Derek and I walked in here and said, "Naomi's room!!!!"

Everyone walks in here when we give them a tour of our house and either drops their jaw or laughs hysterically. There is no other proper response to the size of this thing. 

We knew we would never come close to filling this monster with clothes, so we did the only logical thing we could think of - we filled it with tiny land mines that we have to step on every time we need to get dressed. The legos are supposed to be secluded into the corner to the right as you walk in the closet, but they are undergoing a giant organization campaign at the moment. Once that is complete, there will be ample space for our clothes, the legos, and whatever else we can think of for this spot in our house.

That's our house!! We have a good-sized backyard and a garage, and it's on a cul-de-sac. We have a TON of neighborhood kids who are here on a daily basis. We are so happy and thankful that God placed this house in our laps. I knew while we were looking at houses (and even moved into our old, little rental house for a short stay) that God was probably preparing a place for us right around the neighborhoods we were looking. I made the comment a few times during our search: "Here we are, driving around and looking at all of these houses, and the Lord probably has one picked out right in the middle of all of these. We are probably driving right past the house He has for us...we just have to wait!" I'm so glad we didn't settle for a house that didn't have the things we wanted and felt like we "needed." I don't know if we will move mountains for God's kingdom here in this neighborhood or anything like that, but we have been so blessed already by our neighbors. The kids who come here, the homeschooling mom I walk with, the park down the street...I could go on and on. 

Monday, May 18, 2015

2015 Football Team Pictures

It's been real.
It's been fun.
And well, it's always nice to get a little time off. 

3rd/4th grade Eagles

 PreK/Kindergarten Cowboys

 1st/2nd grade Eagles

No Super Bowl champs this season, but they sure got close...AGAIN!!!!

Josiah scored his first touchdown!! It was adorable. 
Eli was our little pick-six/intercepting beast!!
Titus never ceases to amaze us with his brain AND skills on the field.
Justus was amazing in his usual athletic-self way. 

All around, there was some great flag-pulling, many interceptions, touchdowns, and catches by the Frye boys. It was a fun season :) 

Basketball starts June 28!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Encouraging words

In our house, there are a lot of words. Spoken words are plentiful, so I have taken it upon myself to make sure there are also plenty of written words. 

Truth. Encouragement. Reminders. Promises.

Spoken words can often be said in moments of anger, frustration, excitement, or stress (ahem.)

By taking the time to sit with God's Word and write out Scriptural truths and promises from the Lord, I have been able to fill our home with "whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right...excellent or praiseworthy!" (Phil. 4:8)  We are filling our minds with the things we are commanded to "think about." Throughout the day, when spoken words come FROM me and AT me in constant conversation with my children, may we all brush those off and PUT ON these truths!!

Some of these words were given to us. Gifts of encouragement that also help to decorate many rooms in our home. 

Others were made by my kids...

decorated by my kids...

or made by me.

Some are written on sticky notes, at a moment's notice, when I realize a lesson needs to be taught!!

And sometimes, I write my own reminders that I like to refer to as "shots in the arm" on those hard days (any day, really!) This one is in my planner, that I look at constantly.

Having verses written throughout the house is a great way for all of us to memorize God's Word and "REMEMBER" the things we are learning...

I have even re-worded some truths I know in my head but need to get into my heart!!

Between the written words throughout the house, the truth sung through Spotify on my phone, and the times God graciously reminds me to speak His Word throughout the day (or perhaps graciously speaks those words through my kids), we are being fed! Praise the Lord!!

"Oh, how I love Your Law! It is my meditation all the day long!!"
Psalm 119:97

Fill our minds, Lord, with Your thoughts, our mouths with Your words, and our hearts with Your desires!

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