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This is one of those times the word "love" is simply not sufficient. To say that Justus "loved" the Monster Jam we went to last night would not accurately describe his feelings. He was eating it up. All of the boys (and men) were, to be honest. I even had a lot of fun. It was so entertaining, but I still cannot for the life of me figure out what possesses a person to want to be in a car wreck over and over and over...(The drivers were wearing neck braces and back braces for crying out loud!)

We saw monster trucks lose their tires, leap over cars, crush an RV, burst into flames, flip over themselves, and completely destroy their shell. It was awesome :)

Titus wasn't a huge fan of the noise level, but overall he had fun. He cheered, he clapped, and he yelled "YEAH!" when a monster truck crashed into the wall (like any normal boy would, right?!)

I didn't take my nice, new camera with me, because I was afraid they would say I couldn't bring i…

Raising Real Men, Part 4

Moving on to chapter 5, we face the topic of discipline. I couldn't WAIT to read this chapter (only that's a lie...I did NOT go into this topic with a cheerful heart!) Lord, forgive me. I often say I have so much to learn when it comes to parenting, but on the subject of discipline?? Well, saying I have a lot to learn is quite an understatement. I often think I'm getting this discipline thing down, you know? Things are going well, my kids are behaving...and then another child hits a different phase, and we're back at square one. It's draining, to say the least. Thankfully, this chapter was full of Scripture, biblical truth, and practical ideas. Let's go...

The title of this chapter is "Who's In Charge Here?" The authors take us down the simple chain of command, reminding us how important it is for us to both realize the truth of this ourselves and also to teach our kids how this leadership thing works. First, God is the ultimate authority. God give…

Frye News

This week was so least by our standards ;)

The big boys had their first 2 swim lessons this week. The first day was awful, but the second lesson was amazingly fun for them!! It's funny how things change so quickly sometimes!

We had to take 3 (or 4, I lost count) trips to the auto repair for the van. To show for those trips? Two new tires, and an upcoming $600 bill for some dangerous leakage that I couldn't explain even if I tried. All I know is this...waiting at Walmart for an hour and a half wasn't exactly what I would have chosen for afternoon plans for me and my 4 little ducklings, but it wasn't as bad as I thought. Waiting for an hour at the mechanic (same day as Walmart) while the oil was changed and the previously mentioned bill was written? Not so bad either...Sonic and cable tv and a waiting room all to ourselves helped :) All in all, we handled it. The boys went with the flow, and I was once again SO thankful for my easy baby boy :)

We had a play date t…

Raising Real Men, Part 3

Chapter 3 was a very short chapter, but full of ideas on a simple truth:
Boys will become men who will eventually come to a situation or position where they will need to stand up for what they believe in. In certain situations, this might mean they are left standing alone (hence the title of the chapter, "Standing Alone.") Through the reading of Luke 16:10 ("He who is faithful in what is least is faithful also in much,") the Young's set out to give their sons responsibilities and leadership positions in baby steps. Most importantly, it all began under parental supervision. Their purpose in this plan was to make sure their boys were given ample opportunity to face real-life obstacles while Mom and Dad were there by their side. When the boys became men and were truly faced with those situations (withOUT Mom and Dad), they had the confidence and courage to stand alone and do what was right.

My favorite lesson in this chapter (and one I was quick to share with my hus…

Happy Valentine's Day!!



We had MOPS this morning! Woohoo!!!!!!! Love it more than I can express. Love the women, love the wisdom, love the encouragement, love the breakfast line :)

We are home, 3 out of 4 are napping, and I'm trying to think of something to do for Family Night tonight.

I really, really need to plan a date night with, you know, my HUSBAND!! Oh, how I miss him and long to spend time with just him. Maybe we're getting old (or maybe we're overworked), but conversations in bed at midnight (or well, even at 10:00) are not too exciting. No offense, babe...but for the record, if anyone should be offended, it's me (since I'm the main one doing the talking :) hehe)

Melanie Young found out I was blogging through her and her husband's book Raising Real Men. How funny! (and random) I guess I really need to keep up with the weekly post now, just in case she decides to check in again! haha Good thing I love the book and can hardly put it down. Writing consistent, weekly posts about it,…

Raising Real Men, Part 2

Continuing to read about the REAL superheroes I should introduce and tell my sons about, this week's reading discussed the importance that the number one hero of anyone (boy or girl!) should of course be Christ. Even though this fact seems obvious, there is an important catch. So often, the Jesus our kids hear about and see in pictures (etc.) is not necessarily an accurate display of the Jesus we want them to know. Our pastor jokingly talks about paintings of Jesus that are truly comical...I mean, really?? Some of them make Jesus look like a woman.

The true Savior who conquered DEATH is who we should be teaching our sons about. I want my boys to be disciples of THAT Jesus. Jesus was not effeminate, He was not "a softy." Yes, He loved and He was compassionate...of course! He was also strong and brave, bold, daring, outspoken, firm, and steadfast. HE was a real man.
I also read the Young's opinions and strategies…

Saturday in the Snow


A wintery mix of emotions

If you couldn't tell by this post, I really don't like the cold. I just don't. I have gotten worse in my old age, I guess ;) because my distaste for the snow, ice, and cold temperatures is growing. We finally got out of the house today, though. Yep, that's knight in shining armor drove us to ChickFilA with only one incident to (not) speak of.

Anyway, while we were out, I was just struck by the beauty of the snow. I mean, it's an amazing display of God's creativity! Not only that, but the season of winter serves quite a purpose.

Did you know that in the winter, trees' and plants' roots have to go deeper into the soil to find warmth...and therefore gain strength in doing so? One cannot help but see the symbolism in our walk with the Lord. I might not ENJOY shivering, layering clothes, or being stuck in the house for days on end. Yet, if it forces me to dig my "roots" into Jesus a little deeper? To recognize my need for the warmth only H…

Not so Fun Fryeday



Temps in the teens

Wind chills in the single digits

Another week in the house

How do you like them fragments? Me? Not so much...

Maybe you can find some more upbeat Friday Fragments over at Half-Past Kissin' Time!

Raising Real Men

I just started reading Raising Real Men by Hal and Melanie Young, and I am already blown away. I read so many rave reviews about the book, and (seeing as I have four boys) I figured it would be a good one for my library. I will posting a "quote of the week" from the book here on the blog, as well as various convictions, thoughts, and things I am learning. I would love to have something to look back at once I'm finished reading the book, and I hope it will benefit those of you with boys out there as well. So often, I feel like I need to re-read books once I finish them simply because it takes me so long to get through them. This is also one of those books that I feel like has so much to chew on in one chapter, I need to let it sit for a few days. I hope you gain some wisdom from these authors (of SIX boys) as I do the same!! If you ARE a mother of many boys (or even just one!), pick up this book. It is totally worth whatever price you can find it for. I would seriously qu…

Went to the park, forgot a hat, made do with my Moby wrap bag :)



Jehovah helps, Jehovah has healed

The Lord saves

King of Judah, 1 and 2 Kings
"Neither before nor after Josiah was there a king like him who turned to the LORD as he did—with all his heart and with all his soul and with all his strength, in accordance with all the Law of Moses."
2 Kings 23:25