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This week was so least by our standards ;)

The big boys had their first 2 swim lessons this week. The first day was awful, but the second lesson was amazingly fun for them!! It's funny how things change so quickly sometimes!

We had to take 3 (or 4, I lost count) trips to the auto repair for the van. To show for those trips? Two new tires, and an upcoming $600 bill for some dangerous leakage that I couldn't explain even if I tried. All I know is this...waiting at Walmart for an hour and a half wasn't exactly what I would have chosen for afternoon plans for me and my 4 little ducklings, but it wasn't as bad as I thought. Waiting for an hour at the mechanic (same day as Walmart) while the oil was changed and the previously mentioned bill was written? Not so bad either...Sonic and cable tv and a waiting room all to ourselves helped :) All in all, we handled it. The boys went with the flow, and I was once again SO thankful for my easy baby boy :)

We had a play date this week, watched some kids for a friend, went to Bible study, and Eli got his hair cut AT a salon (?barber shop? no, what do you call a hair cutting place where they cut kids, men's and women's hair all at one place?) I think the boys only broke a couple things this week (and they were just toys), so that was probably a record. Justus somehow managed to run into a rock that Eli was carrying (it WAS actually pretty big, and I'm not quite sure how Eli was carrying it so successfully), so he had a knot and bruise on his forehead today...and Eli has a nice cut under his eye from something that I can't even remember. AND I have to say, 2 very minor injuries ain't so bad around here.

Tomorrow, we have baseball registration (where both Justus AND Titus will be signed up for t-ball. Lord, help me!) After that, we will run to the store to pick up a birthday present, head to a birthday party, come home for naps, and then right back into the car we will go to church! (I'm hoping to fit a trip to the library in there somewhere as well, but we'll see.) Sunday is our Sabbath, so we usually don't do much of anything...but tomorrow, Justus has been invited to AWANA with a friend, sooooo we have that.

In other news, Titus is being initiated into the big boy club tomorrow. That's right, we are saying "GOODBYE!!" to his little dirty, worn out, ragged friend, Monkey. (The monkey's name is Monkey.) We are pulling the same stunt we used when we took Justus' pacifiers away, and hoping it works. We will take Monkey to the store (I guess when we buy our friend's birthday present?) and let Titus pick out a toy which he will then "pay for" with Monkey. It doesn't really sound promising when I type it out like that, but it really worked when we did it with Justus. No, really, it did....Will you pray for us?....

So I guess that's it! I decided not to do the "Friday Fragments" this week, because my Fryeday posts aren't usually a bunch of fragments. They tend to turn into a bunch of random run-on sentences. (and I don't think there are any bloggers out there who run "Friday Run-On" link ups :) )

Happy Fryeday!!


Jessica said…
So much happening! I want updates on the Monkey business!
chrissy said…
Um, I am a little sad about the money but I totally get it. He is just so stinkin cute with that thing! I have finally caught up on your blog and now I will try and catch my own blog up with our life.Hopefully...:)

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