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In death and tragedy

I am so overcome with sadness and confusion when I think of the darkness and despair of this world. When we struggle with our own sin, when we constantly attempt to teach our children right from wrong, when a loved one dies, when we experience divorce or desperation or tragedy. We see and feel the hurt and have this need to do something about the emotions we're experiencing. We're left with one of three decisions.
We can get mad at the One who created us. The One we know is in control and could put an end to all the hurt. Why is He allowing this? He isn't as loving as I thought He was. When things don't make sense, we find ourselves wanting to somehow push it away with rejection and hardness. 
Or? We can deny His existence completely. This doesn't feel right, so this can't BE right. There must be another answer. Some other "truth." No way there can be a "God" when all of our world is suffering so greatly so often.
But both of these decision…

Gracious Confirmation

Occasionally, God gives me confirmations in the homeschooling of our kids. I have specific memories of times in these many hard years that He has caused different subjects and areas to intertwine in a way that He obviously planned. Once, years ago, we were studying a specific animal (I can't remember what), and everything we ran across that week...or month?...just "happened" to have something to do with that animal. A show the kids watched, a special book section at the library, a cool exhibit at the zoo...
Or maybe one of the kids had been struggling with a specific area in school and then all of a sudden, we met someone who nonchalantly explained or showed them something that miraculously made sense to them. 
This week, it happened again, but in a really, really cool way. 
Since Justus first started learning his numbers, all the way until Josiah learned his, I have consistently used the same little rhyme and method to teach them. 
"Straight line down and then you…

My word for 2018

I haven't had caffeine or gluten (other than a couple things I started eating and then realized had it) in over two weeks. I feel incredible. My body, my stomach, my mind....I feel like a new woman. I'm seeing things more clearly, my thinking is more level-headed, I have energy!! With all of that, I have really been able to do things I enjoy. Decorate my house, take fun pictures with my fancy camera, make videos. I'm enjoying my life.
In 2018, I really want to make it a point to do more fun things with my kids, my family, and my friends. There are so many activities and chores and lessons we need to get through this year, but all of those things can be sprinkled with FUN! We can throw something fun into the mix, we can make the "necessary" fun in and of itself. If I keep this word at the forefront of my mind, I can be sure to make it happen.
I have never considered myself a "fun" mom, but with my newfound energy and clarity, it doesn't even seem li…