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First grace, now pride

Quite a switch in meditative words, huh? We are studying Isaiah in my Bible study, and one comment from my teacher got me thinking (and of course, writing :) )

"God will NOT tolerate pride!!" she said.

Pride exalts US. When we are prideful, we are basically saying, "I did this. I am most important, and I am responsible for my victories." The ultimate slap in God's face!

Pride is the reason we sin constantly!! We are thinking of ourselves...alone! We are "looking out for #1," if you will!!

The root cause of the first sin was pride...and every sin since then, if we get to the heart of it!

I came up with an acronym.

Exaltation of ourselves

It is often desperate, isn't it? In the end, though, we will be humbled, and God will be exalted. SELAH

The Big Picture

the broken cup
the muddy water

the beautiful color purple
the thought that counts


Fun by the Fire with Granny P and Papa John


Amazing Grace...How confusing it seems to be for us

So I've been thinking...about grace.
"Unmerited favor"
"A gift"

So many words to describe the one simple, yet often unimaginable little word.

If we attempt to earn God's grace (which I think we are all guilty of), we are kind of making a silly gesture, right?! It' s like if someone gave you a birthday gift, wrapped, maybe even left it on your porch as a surprise.

What if you took that present, still wrapped, and jumped in your car and chased down your friend? "Wait!! I want to pay you for this!!"

Surely the friend would be a little confused, maybe even offended. "What? I gave you that for your birthday! You don't have to pay me for it!"

Every time the opportunity arose, you tried to "pay" that friend back with various gestures, serving in any and every way. "Well, let me buy you lunch, please? Here, I'll carry all of that for you. Ugh, I just need to pay you somehow for that present you gave me.&…

A peak into our after-dinner fun


Our personal stones of remembrance

Above the fireplace, we have a mantle

and on that mantle, we have placed stones of remembrance

monumental events that have changed our lives forever

moments that remind us that God is there, has been there, will be there forevermore

a simple "Howdy" representing our move here to Texas when we first married...a move away from family, a move that demanded we be independent, yet dependent on the Lord's help

the first framed picture of me and my firstborn...the one who made me a mommy. I had NO idea how much that would incredibly change my life!!

a picture of a boy, taken the day after he was saved out of the water when he was just 2

a photograph taken of my husband kissing me on the day of his graduation...a new DOCTOR...Chiropractic would change our lives in so many ways, and God got us through those tough 3 years...4 tiny children, 3 long years of me being pregnant and breastfeeding, 3 years of not knowing what next??

Where does our help come from? Our help comes from the Lord, …

A little Sunday football


When God speaks

Just yesterday, I drew a line that I thought represented my walk with the Lord in my journal:

I was discouraged and sick of the peaks and valleys. I was feeling like I couldn't "do it all." How will I ever have a consistent quiet time?? How will I excel in all areas at once? Am I just lazy and not disciplined enough? God gave me these children, God blessed my husband with this job and his long hours, and God gave me the desire to homeschool/be a stay at home mom, and He knows how tired it all makes me. Are these excuses? My hunger and thirst is there...I long to be with Him and know Him more. How can I do it all???

Today, I read this in Jesus Calling, by Sarah Young:
"I am leading you along the high road, but there are descents as well as ascents. In the distance you see snow-covered peaks glistening in brilliant sunlight. Your longing to reach those peaks is good, but you must not take shortcuts...Let the heights beckon you onward, but stay close to Me...Disruptions t…

Little and in love :)


When having a big(ger) family is really fun

It used to always get on my nerves when people with 3 or 4 kids would make some comment about their family being "big."When there are TV shows about people with 8 kids, 11 kids, 21 kids, etc., four looks nothin!

Once we had our third, I felt like there were kids everywhere. I couldn't keep up with them. I could only hold one on my hip and the other with my hand (and then had to keep kicking the other one back into I'm not joking)...or I could always put one in a wrap and hold the other two by the hand (but that's when the feeling-like-a-circus-show began.) Then, all of a sudden, I knew what people felt like with more than 2 kids. Three kids was a lot. Our family was "big."

Well, then came along #4. "Oh, what's another one?!!" That never made sense to me either. (still doesn't on certain days - Four can be a LOT more than three) BUT here's the thing: while we DO have one more mouth to feed, another car seat in the van, anoth…