In the grand scheme of things,

My relationship with the Lord is of utmost importance. It's high time I get my focus back there. I got behind in Bible study homework, and (just like with laundry) when I get behind, I throw my hands up and give up. What a great trait I have there, huh?!

I don't totally agree with the "Your kids won't remember how clean the house was..." idea, because I can see the detriments that are evident when the house is a wreck for more than a week (and I mean, an absolute wreck where desired toys can't be found, clothes that fit are not available, etc.) BUT I do get the point. I am trying to keep my focus on organizing and cleaning here and there so things are accessible and orderly enough to enjoy being at home. We are at home a lot, and I want my boys to have good memories of that. I also want to sit on the floor and BE with my kids, and I want them to know they are more important than mopping the kitchen floor.

Speaking of sitting on the floor, about once ever couple of weeks, I find the 5 of us (the boys and myself) sitting on the floor in Justus and Titus' room. Well, actually, I am sitting while the boys dance, play, climb on me, etc. They bring me books to read, sit on my lap, ask what songs I want to listen to. These are precious moments. The other day, when this event rolled around, I realized how important it is that we keep this up. I want to still be doing this when they are tweens and older. Maybe that's a long shot, but I'm going to put forth my best effort.

It is very important that my kids know that I mean what I say. Sometimes (most times), that is really hard. I can see the fruits of that at times, though, and it encourages me. One fruit is seeing my KIDS mean what they say to each other. They follow through on things, including threats that they will "tell mommy if you do that again." :)

After the kids are raised and out of the house, it will be (Lord willing) just me and Derek. Know what that means? Tonight is DATE NIGHT!!! Woohoo!!! :) With no nursling needing me at any given second, it is nice to be able to make date night a more regular occurrence. In the grand scheme of things, our marriage is 2nd on my list of priorities (or at least should be)...and marriages take work, too. It's so fun being married, and even if it sounds husband is my best friend. It is NOT selfish to want to get away from the kids to just be the two of us, but sometimes that's hard to remember.

I don't know why it's so hard to keep the "grand scheme" in mind. Little things come up and block my view, put me in a bad mood, mess up my list of priorities, and fill my to-do lists. Here's to hoping I can clear my head tonight and focus on what really matters in life :)


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