Randomness for your Entertainment

1. Today, my mother-in-law kept Josiah for me at her house while Titus and Eli were at preschool. Justus and I completed every bit of his school work for the day in .2 seconds.
2. Things take an amazingly shorter amount of time without a toddler at your feet.
3. Justus reads so much better without the distraction of brothers.
4. I went to the laundry room this morning while I was minus 3...read: THREE children, and I decided to get caught up on laundry.
5. I decided today that trying to "get caught up" or to "get ahead" is pretty pointless. You will just be right back where you started in a day or two. It is a vicious cycle. Embrace it.
6. The laundry still sits.
7. I could do this once a week...hint, hint, Grammy :)
8. I love Texas weather. Today, the temp reached the mid-60s. Tomorrow, the forecast is in the 40s. We are supposed to be back up to the 60s by MLK day. JOY!!
9. Titus loves eagles. Loves them. By eagle, I mean the bird. The fascination started with THE Eagles (Philadelphia), but he loves drawing them, coloring pictures of them, looking at photographs of them...We bought him an eagle statue for Christmas, but it broke more than once (and was glued back together more than once) before we decided to put it on a shelf as decoration, rather than have it be a toy. His name was Philly.
10. Tonight, Titus received a replacement, more proper TOY eagle in the mail...from his beloved Dad. It is plastic and hopefully indestructible. They named him Vick. (and apparently changed his name to Jackson Thursday morning)
11. We ran an errand this afternoon, and when we got home, Justus, Titus, and Eli ran straight upstairs and didn't come back down until I rang the dinner bell.
12. I didn't call up to check on them or even to listen to what they were doing. I am a fourth time mother, not first time. I take my breaks when I can get them...even if they are spreading toothpaste all over the bathroom mirror.
13. I don't really have a dinner bell.
14. The boys weren't really spreading toothpaste on the bathroom mirror. They were actually just playing nicely in Justus and Titus' room. So strange :)
15. A friend texted me today and said she had been praying for our family for over an hour today. Mystery solved :)
16. My husband asked me just now (not for the first time ever) what in the world I fill my time with on the computer at night while he sleeps. Answer: Doing things like watching this, reading this, and researching this.
17. As a family, we are in a competition to see who can correctly guess the most winners on the road to (and finally at) the Superbowl. Our Superbowl party is planned...and probably looks much different than most Superbowl parties...but I couldn't be more excited :)
18. I often wish our house was decorated nicely...and then sense is knocked into me by way of a broken glass-contained candle, or a shelf knocked off the wall, or (today) a "texture activity" turned ugly at the kitchen table.
19. I have yet to understand why nicer restaurants or Starbucks or...hmm, ice cream shops don't have play areas like McDonalds and ChickFilA. I would totally frequent them and give them money.
20. Please don't claim to have a "children's play area" in your store when that term, to you, means a box of toys in the corner. To a mother of four (or any mother for that matter) that is very deceiving.
21. If you are a mother of young children and haven't read this blog post, you really should.
22. I just realized that "Happenings" is spelled incorrectly on my blog banner. It's too hard to change it, so it will stay as is. Did anyone else notice that?? Oh well :)

Jackson watching Titus do his schoolwork Thursday morning


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