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Another hilarious baby item...(One Word Wednesday)


My new favorite song :) (that and "Soon" in the playlist to the right)

I couldn't find this song to add to my playlist, so here it is with a video:) I was baptized this morning, and we sang this song after all of the baptisms. It wasn't the first time we had ever sung it (is that grammar correct?), but I just LOVED singing it today. You know how some people talk about eternity, and they're like..."Yeah, I mean are we going to be floating around with wings and singing to God for the rest of our lives?" (etc. etc.) Well, I used to be one of those people. Don't get me wrong, I always looked forward to Christ's return. I looked forward to the end of pain, the end of struggles, poverty, starving people, etc. I just wasn't sure exactly what FOREVER was going to be like. I mean, FOREVER, my goodness. I can't even wrap myself around that "timeline" (if you will ;) ), let alone what we'd be DOING that whole time. Well, since coming to the Village, my eyes have been opened. Our pastor talks about the new earth an…

Eli is 10 months old!!!!

We love you, crazy monster :)

Fill us up and send us out, Lord...

What I learned this week...

1. I need to strip the boys' diapers more often.

2. Justus and Titus' Mother's Day Out teachers must be reading the same websites and blogs I'm reading, because they're stealing all of our at-home activities!!

3. Writing my testimony...something I should already have written, considering the fact that I grew up in a Christian home and went to church and Christian schools my whole life...was not as easy as I thought it would be!

4. Making a list of people and things to pray for really doesn't feel that weird, and it really helps to remind me what to pray for....not to mention the fact that it helps remind me to stop and PRAY!

5. I have a strong need for writing things in my planner and on notes around the house in order to remember things I need to do, people I need to call, places I need to go....

6. I have to actually look at my planner and those brightly colored pieces of paper staring me in the face to see those things I need to be reminded of!! :)

7. I knew laugh…

Our Morning in Pictures








Randomness I never want to forget:)

Justus while we were drinking milkshakes: "Mom, we need a lot of milkshake, cause we're really thirsty. That's just b/c God made us that way."

9/11/09 - Eli has been walking around, pushing a kitchen chair, the high chair, a toy, etc. He loves it, and Derek told me he held something standing up without support for a few seconds the other day. Oh, brother!!!!

9/1/09 - Justus and Titus share a room now. Titus sleeps on a twin mattress on the floor, and Justus sleeps in his twin bed (1/2 of their future bunk bed.) Derek or I read books or color with them, pray, then sing songs, say Goodnight, and close the door. They talk for a few minutes, and then it's quiet!!!!! Piece of cake:) They love it, we love it. They are the BEST together all day long. It's amazing. I can't believe they don't fight MORE!! (Don't get me wrong, they fight plenty!!)

Last night, it was storming outside, and Justus and Titus went on the back porch to play. It thund…

Wordless Wednesday


It's a 6-For-1 Deal Today:)

This is like 6 posts in one, so bear with me! Derek officially has TWO MORE TRIMESTERS TO GO!!!! WOOHOO:) On his 2 week break, we went to see my parents in Knoxville. We did all kinds of stuff, so prepare for another picture overload!!!!! Eli turned 9 months old while we were there:) Justus went fishing for the first time ever and caught a fish!!! Lots of fun to share, so see below!

Family Fun

Our first few days there, my brother and his fam were there. Talk about a full house:) The boys had so much fun with their cousins.
A majority of the time at Mimi and Grandbob's house was spent playing in the garage...go figure!

My parents' next door neighbor let us borrow their wagon while we were in town, so Derek got his exercise by pulling 4 kids up the big hills on numerous walks! haha

Fun at the "Water park"

Eli is 9 months old!!!!!!

Eli, there are not enough words to describe how cute you are to us. You truly light up our lives. I know I talk about your smile a lot, but it is w…