It's a 6-For-1 Deal Today:)

This is like 6 posts in one, so bear with me! Derek officially has TWO MORE TRIMESTERS TO GO!!!! WOOHOO:) On his 2 week break, we went to see my parents in Knoxville. We did all kinds of stuff, so prepare for another picture overload!!!!! Eli turned 9 months old while we were there:) Justus went fishing for the first time ever and caught a fish!!! Lots of fun to share, so see below!

Family Fun

Our first few days there, my brother and his fam were there. Talk about a full house:) The boys had so much fun with their cousins.
A majority of the time at Mimi and Grandbob's house was spent playing in the garage...go figure!

My parents' next door neighbor let us borrow their wagon while we were in town, so Derek got his exercise by pulling 4 kids up the big hills on numerous walks! haha

Fun at the "Water park"

Eli is 9 months old!!!!!!

Eli, there are not enough words to describe how cute you are to us. You truly light up our lives. I know I talk about your smile a lot, but it is worth mentioning over and over. You literally do light up a room with that grin. You make every day a good day just by being here. Once again, we praise God for another month!!

Go Fish!!

My Dad (a.k.a. Grandbob, a.k.a. Granddude) took Justus, Titus, and their cousin, Asa fishing. Derek and I figured Justus and Asa would enjoy themselves, and we figured Titus would be all over the place, wanting to jump in the water at any moment. Well, we were right, but one thing happened that we did not expect. Justus and Asa L-O-V-E-D fishing. They did not want to stop to go back to the house!! Justus even told us, "Well, I'm gonna stay here all night long, because I have to catch a fish." Those boys (aside from Titus:)) cast their lines over and over, reeled them in like pros, and did so the entire time. Talk about patience!! My Dad and Derek went out and bought Justus a Spiderman fishing pole (and even a tacklbox:)), and the second time they went fishing, Justus caught a fish. What a great way to top off a new experience!!

Asa reading his Fishing guide from Granddude



Look at that proud face:)

Oh yeah, and my Dad caught a fish, too:) Do you see it? haha

Next up the Gatlinburg Aquarium...

Watching a Dive Show

Awesome jellyfish

Walking through the shark tunnel (I love this picture:))

And lastly, Happy Birthday to me:) I turned 27 while we were on vacation!

I can't believe I just "wrote" that long of a post!!:)


Jessica said…
I LOVE these pictures, especially the ones at the acquarium and the fishing. so so cute. Anna, I'm so very glad that we got to hang out while you were in town and that I got to spend a little time with your boys. I love being your friend. And I'll wish you a happy birthday again! 27! woo-hoo!

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