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Geisler Gang Strikes Again

That's right, the 5G's are in town!! It's always a short visit, but never a quiet one. With 7 kids between our 2 families, there is always a flurry of activity. Lots of food, fun, and fits from the 2 year olds...and plenty of laughter.

First, everyone suited up for a little T-Ball.

{Life as a 2-year-old is tough)

Bottom of the first, Dads were up...

{the pitcher}

{the first baseman}

{The outfielder...a girl after Eli's own heart!...see why?}

Then it was on to some fun in the kiddie pool,

{Lining up!}

and some trampoline jumping,

How I recycle my kids' artwork


Retail a big way

If you've been around me or my blog awhile, you know I love theMercy House. Kristen (the founder of the Mercy House), over at We are THAT Family, just posted that their Mercy House SHOPis open!!

Beautiful items full of color...and such an amazing cause!!
So if you're feeling the "need" to shop, make it a meaningful, click!!

It's the little things, you know?!

As moms, we are told to encourage our children, to shower them with praise. I never imagined I would be praising a child for changing his underwear...such is life with boys, I guess!

(After folding a ton of laundry)
"Justus, you have so many pairs of underwear in your pile! That means you must have been changing your underwear every night before bed! I'm so proud of you!!"
(big smile on Justus' face)

For the record, this was one of those battles I was choosing to just bring up every now and then. As in, when I would do a week's worth of laundry and find exactly 7 pairs of underwear in Titus' pile and 1, maybe 2 pairs in Justus' pile...gross!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "Justus!!!! You have GOT to change your underwear every. single. night!"

Well, I hope he finally got into the swing of things! Why are boys so gross?!

The Big Picture

~ They decided to get the straws out and throw them around the school room...I'm having trouble seeing the big picture in this one! They told me the straws were candy canes... ~

Fun Fotos: Animals

Our ball dog

Next up: Silhouette (yikes!)


1 - The number of times my four year old has stumped me with this question:
"Is today tomorrow?"

Also the number of times I overheard my five year old say, "Oh no!! Giant baby! 6 o'clock!"

2 - The number of times I ran the dishwasher today just to clear off the kitchen counter and sink.

3 - The number of times it took to lay Josiah down for an afternoon nap before he actually slept.

4 - The number of glass candle holders that were broken today by Justus and Titus. (all four at the same time, I might add!)

5 - The number of Transformers that are currently sitting on the couch next to me, ready to "roll out" at any minute.

6 - The ounces of milk Josiah drinks when I make him an 8 oz. bottle.

7 - The number of days in a week we apparently need to water our yard to keep the grass alive.

8 - The ounces of milk Josiah tries to suck down when I make him a 6 oz. bottle.

9 - The number of lives Titus must want to have, as often as he pretends to be a cat.

10 -The knocks …

Fun Fotos: Fresh Fruit

Yummy Strawberries
(They ate so many they wouldn't eat their spaghetti...oh well!)







A little Family P90X


Date Night (and Fun Fotos: Sunset)

I love taking each of the boys on dates. They are all so amazingly different, and going out with them one on one makes those differences so apparent to me. They like to go different places, talk about different things, and buy different types of "treats."

The other night, I went out with Eli. He is my favorite one to take out on a date right now. He LOVES going with me, and he talks nonstop the entire time. It just shows me how important it is to give them special attention. Because apparently, Eli doesn't get to talk as much as he wants to when his brothers are around.

He cracks me up the whole time, saying things so random that I think he must have been holding it in for weeks. His eyes are lit up the entire time we're together, and he even reaches over to touch my arm or give me a hug whenever he feels like it. He is a rough boy with his brothers, fighting, wrestling, hitting, and biting...but he sure shows his soft, sweet side on our date nights.

Eli and I stopped a…