A little boy

Can you guess whose toes these are?

This little boy LOVES getting into my bathroom drawer full of hair brushes, combs, rubber bands, clips, and other products and accessories.

He loves to watch me put on makeup and fix my hair.

He loves to look at himself in the mirror while he fixes his own hair.

He has been known to sneak into my bathroom and come out with an arm-full of hair rubber bands.

Hey, boys can play dress-up, too!!


Anonymous said…
Eli loved sitting on our bathroom counter while we got ready when you all were here. He watched Dad shave, us brush our teeth, me put on makeup, etc. Dad even let him feel the shaver & electric toothbrush on his hands & even touched the toothbrush to his teeth! Eli loved it all & asked a lot of questions......you know, "what's that for?", etc. We'll always have sweet memories of him sitting there with us! Goodness!! I sure love him & miss him!!!!
Anonymous said…
By the way......I guessed it was Eli's feet right away!

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