Sneak a peak into my life

I don't have enough to share for a full blog post, but I feel like writing...
so here are some completely random snippets of info about our current happenings :)

Josiah was beginning to sleep through the night (6:30 pm to 6:30 am) before the boys and I went to Tennessee. He quickly dropped that habit and began waking up 1-3 times a night to nurse...until we got back. Now he is sleeping soundly ALL night! Aaaaah, sweet blessed sleep :)

Since Josiah is out of our room (or, ahem, closet), we officially have an adult-only bedroom again. Well, that is, with the exception of all of the toys, clothes, diapers, swim gear, and more that somehow sneak back in there. Now, our room is probably even more of a wreck, because we also have piles of laundry waiting to be folded, random piles of paper, and various pieces of mail that hopefully aren't very important and in need of immediate attention!

Derek and I have started doing P90X together, and it is whipping our butts (or well, mainly our abs and legs for the time being.) Buns of steel is next week (just kidding, kind of....)

Speaking of getting in shape, I have found my new favorite food. Sonic onion rings. As if I needed more junk food to add to my repertoire!

I took the boys to a spray park this morning, and they had a BLAST...even Josiah loved it. We are hopefully going to a water park this weekend. It will be the first time with all four of the boys. Hopefully, we can keep up with everyone! This is the only way to survive the Texas heat!!

We had one of our neighbors over yesterday to play (a 10 year old boy), and he played upstairs with Justus, Titus, and Eli for probably 30 minutes straight...and here's the crazy part: No one came downstairs crying or whining about a THING!!! So what did Josiah and I do downstairs during this time? Absolutely nothing :)

My in-laws are moving to Texas on SUNDAY. I can't believe it. I've never lived in the same state, let alone within a few miles, of my in-laws, but from what I have seen from visits with them, they aren't your "typical" in-laws. Derek and I are looking very forward to having them here...when can the boys have their first sleepover??? ;)

Since we'll have such wonderful help, Derek and I have agreed to take turns planning dates for each other. One of us will be solely responsible for planning exactly what we do, where we eat, any surprises to throw in, etc. We'll alternate back and forth, so if anyone has any great date ideas around here, let me know!! (We never said they had to be original ideas!! hehe)

Titus is walking around the house in just shorts, and he looks so tan, with some CUTE dirty blonde hair.

While I'm bragging...Justus snuck in my room yesterday and left a folded up piece of paper on my dresser while I was folding clothes. I turned around and picked it up and got tears in my eyes. The picture is simple, but he was so excited and thoughtful. (I love surprises :) )He is such a sweet boy and will make such an amazing husband one day if he keeps this kind of stuff up (and decides to get married, of course!)

I am thinking about doing this photo challenge (read: thinking.) Obviously, I have already missed those June dates. I think I'll go with the "topics" and make my own schedule. Is that stealing?? I give full credit to Abby at A Feathered Nest!! Here is her schedule.

Happy Friday! (or as we like to say around here...Happy Fryeday!!)


Anonymous said…
Sorry it messed up Josiah & your sleep while you were here. Glad he recovered so well. I hope you did too.
chrissy said…
I loved your blog update so much I think I will steal the idea and do that once a week (probably less) for ours:)At least it will be something right?? I will do the photo thing with you it sounds fun. I looked at the schedule and realized it wasn't for July:(So should we just start from the beginning insert our own dates:) I love Justus's picture. He is so thoughtful. I think that it is great that you & Derek get to go on dates that will be so fun for you.
Anna said…
It's okay, Mom :) We have recovered! haha Chrissy, that's great. It is so easy and fun to just throw together some snippets from the week. The photo thing should be fun, too. I have already started. I'm not going by any type of "schedule"...just using her topics basically. There are other things like this out there. Just a fun way to make you break out the camera and get into a hobby of sorts! (maybe??)

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