Date Night (and Fun Fotos: Sunset)

I love taking each of the boys on dates. They are all so amazingly different, and going out with them one on one makes those differences so apparent to me. They like to go different places, talk about different things, and buy different types of "treats."

The other night, I went out with Eli. He is my favorite one to take out on a date right now. He LOVES going with me, and he talks nonstop the entire time. It just shows me how important it is to give them special attention. Because apparently, Eli doesn't get to talk as much as he wants to when his brothers are around.

He cracks me up the whole time, saying things so random that I think he must have been holding it in for weeks. His eyes are lit up the entire time we're together, and he even reaches over to touch my arm or give me a hug whenever he feels like it. He is a rough boy with his brothers, fighting, wrestling, hitting, and biting...but he sure shows his soft, sweet side on our date nights.

Eli and I stopped at the lake to watch the sunset, and it was beautiful. We live right by a lake, and I have always wanted to go over there to take pics of the boys and photograph the sunset.

We got there just in the nick of time!

The GORGEOUS sunset, the beautiful pink sky...I could do this every night!

See? He doesn't stop talking :)

We watched the sunset, talked about the moon and the sun, watched a bird soaring over the water, talked about the boats and jet skis and fish, and finally raced to the van. He laughed the whole way back :)


Anonymous said…
Oh my goodness.! That is soooo sweet!
vocalizer said…
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