It's the little things, you know?!

As moms, we are told to encourage our children, to shower them with praise. I never imagined I would be praising a child for changing his underwear...such is life with boys, I guess!

(After folding a ton of laundry)
"Justus, you have so many pairs of underwear in your pile! That means you must have been changing your underwear every night before bed! I'm so proud of you!!"
(big smile on Justus' face)

For the record, this was one of those battles I was choosing to just bring up every now and then. As in, when I would do a week's worth of laundry and find exactly 7 pairs of underwear in Titus' pile and 1, maybe 2 pairs in Justus' pile...gross!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "Justus!!!! You have GOT to change your underwear every. single. night!"

Well, I hope he finally got into the swing of things! Why are boys so gross?!


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