Thursday, August 26, 2010

Josiah Thomas Frye

After contracting for days, I went to bed on Monday night, August 2, and felt some pretty strong contractions. Titus woke up at about 11 with a high fever he had been battling for days. I got up with him, and when I went back back to bed, I quickly realized there was no sleeping through these contractions. I went out to the kitchen, got a snack and some water to drink, and paced around the house praying to God that this wasn't the real thing! (I wasn't ready to have a newborn baby, and I really wasn't in the mood to be in pain all night :) ) Much to my dismay, however, God had other plans, so I started timing contractions around 1 in the morning. I turned on my birth relaxation playlist and bounced and rocked on the yoga ball while listening to Enya and the like. I woke Derek up not much longer after that and told him he had better call our friend, Paula, who was coming to stay with the boys. We left for the birth center around 3 I think. (Derek should probably be writing this birth story if you want really accurate details...I was a little preoccupied to be paying attention to the little things like that!) Anyway, I would say everything once we got to the birth center is pretty much a blur to me. We had a birth photographer this time, and I am so thankful we finally did that. I wanted one with Eli, but the photos (I'm sure) would have looked pretty identical to these had we photographed his birth. (Same midwife, same birth center, etc.) So here you have it....don't worry, there are no x-rated pics or anything :)
*Don't forget to mute the playlist on the top right of the blog...there is music on this slide show.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Happy Birthday, Justus!!!

Oh we have kids with birthdays 2 days apart. Justus' party was planned for the Saturday after his actual birthday...which ended up being 4 days after Josiah was born! ha!! Well, you know what they say?! The party must go on...

There was face painting,

balloon sword fighting,

game riding and playing,

praying over the birthday boy,

mother-of-all-cakes eating,
(Guess who let the birthday boy pick out this
gargantuan cake? Mom or Dad??)
(Eli...always ready to eat :) )

a soundly sleeping baby,
(Call me a horrible mother for having him there,
but it was either bring the baby or miss my first
baby's FIFTH birthday!! I mean, come on!)

fun with friends and family,

(Eli was hiding from the "scary" monster
on top of the skeet ball game.)

go-kart riding,

and a lot of bounce house bouncing :)


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

VERY far behind...but a cool post coming soon :)

Our computer crashed at a wonderful time...our fourth son was born, our first son had his fifth birthday, and I was in bed with nothing to do. I mean, seriously! I could have been doing all kinds of stuff on the blog and facebook!!! I have a ton of pictures to post...Enjoy these few pictures from the past couple weeks while you wait. Hopefully tomorrow I will get birth pictures up (we had a birth photographer at Josiah's birth, so I will be working on a slide show of those pics), PLUS I have pics from Justus' very fun birthday party, and a lot more pics of the first 3 weeks of Josiah's life!! Hope you like looking at him...we sure do! :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


1. I had ONE baby yesterday!!!!!!!!! Josiah Thomas Frye was born at 7:08 am. 7 lbs 3.5 oz, 20 inches long. I feel like I was in labor for the past week or so, but I started timing contractions a little after 1 in the morning, and he was born 6 hours later!!! I cannot believe women give birth to twins/triplets drug-free. I always forget about delivering the placenta and then the contractions post-birth, and it's always so disheartening!! I can't imagine pushing one head out and then knowing there's more coming! We are so happy for a healthy baby boy!!

2. The number of roller skates Justus bought at the store with his money yesterday. Thanks Uncle Brian and Aunt Lauren, and Grammy and PopPop!!!!! :) Isn't he so cute?!!

3. Derek did not even get a whole 3 days off from work. He had to go in this morning to cover for his "sub," because the doc had meetings. He will be here this afternoon and tomorrow, but then he has to go back Friday! I think they expected him to be there the afternoon Josiah was born! No, thank you!!!
4. The number of boys who will be running around this house like crazy people before I know it. Oh, we are in for it!! (Justus looks like a giant here in his roller skates! haha)

5. Justus will be FIVE years old tomorrow. We kept telling him he would have his birthday and then Josiah would be born, so he was a little confused about that. I think he got over it, though :)

6. The number of cupcakes that WOULD have been eaten for Josiah's birthday if he could actually have eaten one :) We are officially a family of six now, and Derek and the boys bought cupcakes to celebrate. They brought one for Josiah and sang "Happy birthday." It was so sweet!

(Titus is STILL battling the sickness that started with Eli. Poor guy wants to hold his new baby brother and love on him so bad. It is so cute to see Titus being a big brother. He already is a big brother to Eli, but when Eli was born, Titus was so young. I feel like this is really the first time he has been able to fully take on the roll.)
7. In seven days, my mom will be here to help!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Soon after, Grandbob is coming!!! Not long after that, Uncle Brian and Aunt Lauren are coming to play!!!! Anyone else want to join the guest list???
8. The number of Advil I can take in a 24 hr period for my post-birth contractions. *sigh* I think they are worse with each pregnancy.
9. Nine months from now, I will NOT be having a baby, and for that, I am thankful :) AND I hope to NOT be finding out around that time that I am expecting again! I think my body needs a break!
10. The number of "Prison Break" episodes I have to watch to catch up to Derek. We started watching them online once "Lost" was over, because we didn't know quite what to do with our evenings. Derek had his wisdom teeth out a week or so ago, and he went a little crazy watching them without me. I have plenty of time in bed to catch up now!!

And finally, for the record, Eli was a little unsure of his new baby brother at first, but this is a picture of him showing his love :) I think he's going to like the little guy after all.

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