Josiah Thomas Frye

After contracting for days, I went to bed on Monday night, August 2, and felt some pretty strong contractions. Titus woke up at about 11 with a high fever he had been battling for days. I got up with him, and when I went back back to bed, I quickly realized there was no sleeping through these contractions. I went out to the kitchen, got a snack and some water to drink, and paced around the house praying to God that this wasn't the real thing! (I wasn't ready to have a newborn baby, and I really wasn't in the mood to be in pain all night :) ) Much to my dismay, however, God had other plans, so I started timing contractions around 1 in the morning. I turned on my birth relaxation playlist and bounced and rocked on the yoga ball while listening to Enya and the like. I woke Derek up not much longer after that and told him he had better call our friend, Paula, who was coming to stay with the boys. We left for the birth center around 3 I think. (Derek should probably be writing this birth story if you want really accurate details...I was a little preoccupied to be paying attention to the little things like that!) Anyway, I would say everything once we got to the birth center is pretty much a blur to me. We had a birth photographer this time, and I am so thankful we finally did that. I wanted one with Eli, but the photos (I'm sure) would have looked pretty identical to these had we photographed his birth. (Same midwife, same birth center, etc.) So here you have it....don't worry, there are no x-rated pics or anything :)
*Don't forget to mute the playlist on the top right of the blog...there is music on this slide show.


chrissy said…
Anna- That was so beautiful. What a great memory keeper. Good job mama! You make it all look so easy!!
Paula Hill said…
What an amazing post! Thank you for sharing the beautiful birth pics of Josiah and Justus' 5th birthday celebration! Congrats to all of you! We love and keep you all in our thoughts and prayers!
Jessica said…
Aghhh!!! I can't believe I have missed these three posts and only now got to see them!!!! So beautiful!!!!! Those birth pictures are unreal and josiah looks sooo cute and so different from the other three boys! How fun. Justus' bday looked like a blast. I love your family!

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