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High, ascended


Priest who raised Samuel (1 Samuel 4)


Title of honor, honorable


Friend and assistant to Paul on missionary journeys

Mentioned in 2 Corinthians, Galatians, 2 Timothy, and (of course) the book of Titus


Righteous, Upright



In the Bible, considered as a replacement for Judas Iscariot as one of the disciples (Acts 1:22-24)

Speaking of which...

Wow, I don't even know if I have enough to post about this week's activities. We spent yet ANOTHER almost entire week More sickness, more snot, and now we have added ridiculously disgusting coughs. Coughs that turn the boys' faces red, coughs that come every few minutes, coughs that cannot be avoided if one is to sneeze, laugh, or talk. Let's just say, my lap was never cold.

Speaking of being sick...My dear husband was home sick as well one day this week, and of course he was still a wonderful husband and daddy throughout his illness. He built Lego's, read books, put kids to bed, held babies, and even adjusted Titus' ear to help cure his painful earache. I love you, babe! (and when you read this post in a month, you'll see how much I appreciated you hehe)

Speaking of adjustments...Chiropractic works, people!! :) I believe Titus has had an ear infection twice in his life, and both times, after an ear adjustment, he has been better the next day. I…

My Bag of Tricks: Room Time

How do I keep my sanity? How do I get dinner fixed? What are some tried and true methods I have learned over the past few years of parenting?

In my bag of tricks is ROOM TIME!!

Almost every day around 5:00 pm, I send my boys to their rooms for some alone time. I leave them with special toys they haven't seen in awhile or a box set aside for special times like this. Here are few examples of our Room Time boxes. (Nothing great, but when YOU make the items in the boxes special, your kids will think they are special, too!)

Box 1: Coloring books and crayons

Box 2: Stationary, markers, stickers, etc.

Box 3: My old coupon box with expired coupons, sticky notes, and a bag of colored pens and highlighters for writing a "grocery list." (I can only trust my 5 year old with this box...the other 2 would probably draw all over the walls/carpet/themselves.)

Item 1: Clock puzzle

Box 4: Sea shells that Mimi and Grandbob brought back from the beach

Item 2: Truck Puzzle Book

Box 5: Easy puzzles (I …


I am taking this from our church's Merely Theological blog (see whole post here.)

God's Word

Keep it

Store it

Hope in it

Declare it

Delight in it

Meditate on it

Consider it

Remember it

Long for it

Rejoice in it

Set ourselves upon it

Cling to it

Incline to it

Observe it

Trust in it

Pant for it

Seek after it

Love it

Turn to it

Believe in it

"Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. Therefore all Your precepts concerning all things I consider to be right; I hate every false way. Your testimonies are wonderful; therefore my soul keeps them. The entrance of Your words gives light; it gives understanding to the simple."
Psalm 119:105, 128-130

Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda

I SHOULD HAVE completed my morning chores, which includes emptying the dishwasher full of clean dishes, loading it with dirty dishes, and washing whatever doesn't fit/takes up too much room by hand.

I COULD HAVE done it while my kids were eating lunch or while a few of them were napping simultaneously this afternoon.

I'm glad I didn't....

I WOULD HAVE missed out on letting Justus and Eli "help."

Check it out!!

Great giveaway at Raising Olives!!

Check it out!

It's Fryeday!!

I'm pretty sure most of you know I love Fryeday. It starts with my last name (well, not really, but you know :) ), it means my husband/babies' daddy is about to be home for the weekend, and it means it's FAMILY NIGHT!! Here are my completely random thoughts on this lovely day...

The baby was up at 6 am to nurse (as is his custom.)

My husband normally does morning duty around here. By morning duty, I mean he is up with the boys at 7. He fixes their milk/juice and breakfast and takes care of them until I come out at the last minute possible (i.e. when he leaves for work.) He had to leave early this morning to meet with a friend, so I am on duty. AND I just have to say, it is still pitch black outside. Titus is already up, and Justus appears to be sleeping in. (It's a miracle.) It is 7 minutes past 7, and if he's not up yet, it means he's still asleep. He is allowed to come out of his room at 7, and normally he doesn't let an extra minute pass.

I have no idea wha…

What's for breakfast?

While eating breakfast this morning, I heard Eli playing in his bed. I went to get him up, and I still had a piece of food in my mouth.
E: What're you eating?
Me: My breakfast
E: I wanna see!
(so I do what any good mother would do and open my mouth to show him my food :) ha)
E: I want some!!
Me: Okay, let's go eat! Did you poop?
E: Nope
(Hurray, no diaper to change yet...he's not the biggest fan of having his diaper changed first thing in the morning. I probably wouldn't be either.)

We get downstairs, I put him in his high chair and give him his milk.
E: I want breakfast, Mom.
Me: What would you like to eat?
E: Breakfast
Me: Do you want cereal?
E: No, I want breakfast.
Me: (hahahahaaa) Welllllll, what do you want to EAT for breakfast? Do you want Chex? (his normal)
E: (shaking his head) Breakfast
Me: Well, buddy, ALL of it is breakfast! (oh my how am I going to explain and get out of this one?) You can have cereal for breakfast! Or you can have waffles. Do you want waffles?
E: Yes

While I was sleeping...

For whatever reason, Justus likes to go through the birth order in our family. "Daddy was born first, right? Then you? Then me, etc...." Well, at dinner tonight, after Josiah, he said, "And then the next baby, right?"

Me: What next baby?
J: The baby you're going to have next! You're going to have another baby soon.
Me: Well, I don't know if we're going to have another baby or not!!
J: Yes, you are.
Me: Oh, really?! Why do you think that?
J: Because I prayed.
Me: You prayed for me to have another baby?
J: Yep
Me: When did you do that?
J: While you were sleeping

Re-run from July 2009

I'll never forget this experience. Thankfully, nothing serious happened, and I can laugh about it :)

Justus and Titus went to the doctor today for a mandatory check-up for Mother's Day Out. Last time I took Titus to the doctor, I came home with some funny stories of crazy, "out there" comments made by the doctor and his assistant. (i.e. like the assistant telling me that maybe Titus had had so many colds recently b/c he is not, yeah, that makes a lot of sense.) Anyway, there were a couple of doosies (not quite sure that is how you spell that) today, so I thought I'd share.

Story #1:
The nurse walked us back to the first room to get the boys' weight, height, and temperature. She asked me LITERALLY 10 times which one was Titus and which one was Justus. I changed my answer numerous times to help her remember and get it in her head. I mean, I'll give it to's confusing. "Justus is the 3 year old. Justus is the oldest.…

Look!!!! Our family was on Supernanny!!!!!!


I'm a Survivor

Lately, all I have been doing is surviving. I really feel that way. I have been doing the bare minimum and attempting only to keep my family afloat. Yes, we've been doing school, and teaching my kids about Jesus and how to be kind and loving and all of that is what I consider part of my simple, everyday vocabulary. As far as cleaning the house? and cooking? and getting things done on my to-do list? haha, well, those things...just haven't been happening. I feel so unorganized, so BURIED under an endless to-do list (that I haven't even managed to write down, thank you very much! It's currently growing and growing in my head.) When I go grocery shopping, I just wing it. I take a list of maybe a few items, but then I peruse the frozen meals aisle in hopes of finding this week's dinners. It is PATHETIC.

Here's the worst part: I don't even see a light at the end of the tunnel. Oh, like maybe when my kids are grown and out of the house kind of light-at-the-end-of-t…

Wordless Wednesday


I'm a magician!

Josiah hasn't pooped in days? I simply give him a bath, and voila! a complete blow out diaper!

Need any one of my nappers to take an extremely long nap to catch up on their sleep? Plan an afternoon outing and voila! 4 hour nap

Have a desire to visit a public restroom? Take the kids ANYWHERE and voila! Titus has to poop.

Want my husband to start exercising? I move the baby's bed into my closet so he sleeps all night and voila! Justus and Titus start calling "Daddy!!" at various hours of the night, sending Derek up and down the stairs a ridiculous amount of times.

Want to make sure the kitchen floor gets a double-dose of mopping even if I don't feel like doing it twice? Simple! Just mop it ONCE and voila! Someone manages to make a huge mess of something very sticky or disgusting, and I don't have a choice but to mop again! (Aren't they so sweet...they just want to make my job easier, don't they?!)

Haven't seen my husband as much as I would like? I simply…

Can you feel the love?