My Bag of Tricks: Room Time

How do I keep my sanity? How do I get dinner fixed? What are some tried and true methods I have learned over the past few years of parenting?

In my bag of tricks is ROOM TIME!!

Almost every day around 5:00 pm, I send my boys to their rooms for some alone time. I leave them with special toys they haven't seen in awhile or a box set aside for special times like this. Here are few examples of our Room Time boxes. (Nothing great, but when YOU make the items in the boxes special, your kids will think they are special, too!)

Box 1: Coloring books and crayons

Box 2: Stationary, markers, stickers, etc.

Box 3: My old coupon box with expired coupons, sticky notes, and a bag of colored pens and highlighters for writing a "grocery list." (I can only trust my 5 year old with this box...the other 2 would probably draw all over the walls/carpet/themselves.)

Item 1: Clock puzzle

Box 4: Sea shells that Mimi and Grandbob brought back from the beach

Item 2: Truck Puzzle Book

Box 5: Easy puzzles (I use this one for my 2 year old, specifically. He loves the fishing puzzle.)

There are many more boxes, and I could have taken more pictures...but it tends to get a little boring in my opinion :) When my kids are having room time, I go downstairs and make dinner.
In.peace.and.quiet. 'Nuff said :)

I can't wait to read some more tricks of the trade from other moms over at It's Almost Naptime!
Hop on over if you're needing all the help you can get...just like me! :)


Ah, you are so organized! And so smart!!
Owlhaven said…
That's a great idea-- we do quiet time at our house too!

Mary, mom to 10
Kathryn said…
GREAT. IDEAS. Thanks for sharing your mom wisdom and mom skills! Love it.
Jamie said…
What a great idea! I'll definitely give this one a try!
Ruthanne said…
Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Your kids are super cute and I love the special box idea--almost as I would love having some peace and quiet while I make dinner. :)
If you're interested, here's the post I did about the penny jars. I haven't had to use them in a while but brought them back last week for a few nights to remind them of how they're 'supposed' to go to bed. lol
The Smiths said…
Fabulous idea. We like to have activity time but haven't gotten this organized. Thanks for the inspiration.
Tiffany said…
I love organization! -Thank you for sharing these ideas! -Love it!
Oh, this is a great idea! I've been trying to designate a "quiet" time around here, but my boys share a room and "quiet" time turns to "noisy" time very quickly. I could use your idea! Thanks for sharing :)

visiting from Missy's blog :)
Laura said…
Nap times are evolving into quiet room time and I need to get me some fun box to make my 3 year old actually stay in her room. These are great ideas.
Katie said…
My oldest is just now getting to the point where sleep is not always what is occurring at nap time. What a great idea.
Tiffany said…
Thanks for the visit! I hope you'll come by again. I love getting to know new people. I'd love to hear your thoughts on two of the books that you're reading -Raising Real Men and Be Patient. Thanks!
Misty said…
great ideas! mommy needs some sanity!

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