Home Tour...Upstairs

Many family and friends who have never seen our house have asked for pictures. Well, when I cleaned up yesterday, I decided to take some :) I did not take pictures of the two upstairs bathrooms, because they are both under construction (and really aren't fun to look at right now!) I also didn't take pictures of the laundry room (which is upstairs...which I love!), because, well, it's a laundry room (not very exciting!) Here's what I did take for you!!!

The Playroom
(We haven't done any decorating or painting in here...other than hanging kids' art work...but have only done toy storage/organization and have of course added continuously to our toy collection!!)
Justus' bedroom
(decked out in Superhero stuff...SpiderMan, Transformers, etc. Looks like his curtain rod is bent in the middle, wonder who was hanging on the curtains...)

Pez Dispenser collection coming along nicely ;)
Titus' room (trains, planes, and automobiles ;) theme, with a Bumblebee and StarWars poster mixed in because big brother had posters in HIS room)

(door here is to Jack & Jill bathroom between Titus and Eli's bedrooms)

Eli's room (my favorite)
(door you see here is to Jack & Jill bathroom between E and T's bedrooms)
...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, I love a clean house!


Anonymous said…
Your house looks great!!

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