Speaking of which...

Wow, I don't even know if I have enough to post about this week's activities. We spent yet ANOTHER almost entire week in.the.house. More sickness, more snot, and now we have added ridiculously disgusting coughs. Coughs that turn the boys' faces red, coughs that come every few minutes, coughs that cannot be avoided if one is to sneeze, laugh, or talk. Let's just say, my lap was never cold.

Speaking of being sick...My dear husband was home sick as well one day this week, and of course he was still a wonderful husband and daddy throughout his illness. He built Lego's, read books, put kids to bed, held babies, and even adjusted Titus' ear to help cure his painful earache. I love you, babe! (and when you read this post in a month, you'll see how much I appreciated you hehe)

Speaking of adjustments...Chiropractic works, people!! :) I believe Titus has had an ear infection twice in his life, and both times, after an ear adjustment, he has been better the next day. It just makes sense. Adjust the ear, allow it to drain, healing begins. I love Chiropractic!!

I did get an exciting gift in the mail from my mom!!! An Ergo baby carrier!! (and what perfect timing, since the baby was not a fan of being off my hip this week!)

Speaking of my mom...she broke the first bone she has ever broken in her life this week. Quite the record, huh? I hope your arm is not in so much pain anymore, Mom!! Thank you for sending me the early birthday gifts :)

I also received two more pocket diapers for the little man (I paid for that package haha) woohoo!! Less disposable diapers on the master pee-er=more money saved! (The kid's pee is lethal or something...the prefold and Thirsties cover combo lasts about an hour tops.)

Speaking of Josiah...I went to give him a bath on Tuesday, and the following occurred: FIRST, I took off his poopy diaper, wiped him all off, and laid his cute diaperless self on a bath towel while I got his bathtub ready. NEXT, I looked over to see him pooping all over said towel. I cleaned him up, put him in the tub, and THEN he pooped in the bath water. FINALLY, I took him out, started to get him dressed and he pooped on the open diaper AS I was putting it on him. Good thing I decided to give him that bath, huh?!!!!!!!!!

So why did I say we spent an ALMOST entire week in the house? Well, my friends, that's because today was MOPS day. Even my husband knows how much I need MOPS, because he insisted I go even though Josiah woke up at 6:15 this morning and the kids still had coughs. I didn't argue with him :) Look what we made today! One of these is my favorite...which one do you like best? I'm glad I didn't miss out on the fun :)

Remember, there are more random Friday Fragments over at Half-Past Kissin' Time!
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Brandi said…
I am so glad that you had a week at home only because we had so much fun today! :)I think we need to invade Leah's house and have a Girls Night Out craft party. Ha! Do you think she would go for that? Oh and instead of ribbon to hang your letters, I think twine would look better and more "manly". That is if you decide to hang them. :)
Jessica said…
That was such a mom blog with the pooping story! Soooo funny but I'm soooo sorry!
So sorry your little ones are sick..that cough has been making it's way through our family too...
I am a new visitor and follower from FF.
I was in an accident 18 months ago and was in terrible pain. My doctors just kept giving me medication. I finally went to see a chiro and I LOVE him. I am very prone to ear infections (which is very embarrassing at my age) so I have had him adjust my ears twice. After my second visit I was pain free...amazing!
Hope this week is better for you.


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