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November 26, 2008 Eli's birthday:)

After having Braxton Hicks contractions over the past month (and praying that my water would break when I went into labor to avoid having to guess if it was true labor:)), I started having pretty painful contractions at around 1am Wednesday morning. I tried to time them, but some seemed like they were right on top of each other. Derek and I got up, got our stuff together, and left for the birth center. We called my midwife (Betty), and she said to call her back when they were 5 minutes apart and ALL at least a minute long. (She said that the 30 second contractions would not actually be dilating my cervix.) The birth center is 30 minutes from our house, so we decided to go ahead and drive there. We walked in the birth center at 3am. Betty listened to Eli's heartbeat, checked my vitals, and checked to see if I was dilated. I was at 3cm and 80% effaced. I birthed mostly on the floor, with the birthing ball, and leaning on the bed for awhile. Once I got into the birth tub, I stayed! S…

A cRy FoR HELP!!!

Not really, but here's my problem. I'm doing an Advent "Calendar" with Justus this year for the first time, and I'm trying to start many traditions with him and Titus (and Derek and Eli, too of course:)) Basically, I'm filling 24 envelopes with fun things to do/eat/see/experience during the Christmas season. Here's what I have so far.....please let me know of any of your personal family traditions (that you don't mind passing on:)) that I could add to our list or other random ideas I could add here:) Thanks!! (You can leave a comment or email me at Oh, and don't forget, we will have a newborn baby around, so no crazy ideas!! haha

1. Put up Christmas tree with ornaments and lights
2. Decorate house for Christmas (just the random decorations inside, nothing fancy:))
3. Tell/read Christmas story, go and buy little Nativity Scene and set up without baby Jesus
4. Make Christmas tree ornaments for school teachers, Bible study teachers, …

Car Seat Safety

I don't know why, but I have a passion for car seat safety. I wanted to share the information I have learned with you all. Maybe God has a plan in using this information in someone's life to protect their child...I don't know. I do know that I felt very convicted to look up all of these websites and articles and type up all of this information. You may think I'm crazy, but for some reason, I felt God tugging at my heart to do this.

There are so many "little" details involved in correctly installing a car seat and correctly buckling your child in his or her car seat. Some of these things are easy to do, but many people just don't know about them. If you are a parent and have ever installed your child's car seat, you know it can be a hassle. Whenever we have to move a car seat or two from one car to the other, I cannot help but let out an audible "UGH!!!" Please take the time to do it correctly, though. Your child's safety is determined by …

38 weeks today!!

I had an appt. with my midwife today. Eli has moved UP to zero station...but she said that could change easily and often. I am 80% effaced, but that also doesn't mean much to me. I remember being 80% effaced with one of the boys and not going into labor anytime soon!! Everything seems like random information at this point to me. I think it all can just change and happen pretty quickly, but I was certainly hoping for a little more hope of him coming sooner than later:) Oh well, all in due time!!!! I definitely don't want him to come before he's ready! Due "dates" are kind of silly anyway. Maybe I'm just trying to talk myself out of expecting anything at a certain moment:) Labor will probably begin when I least expect it,and all of a sudden, I will be having a baby:) haha I AM a fingertip dilated, so I'll hang onto that for now! Meanwhile, here's a picture of Justus with his newfound hobby...catching caterpillars:) (Gotta love boys!!)

He's growing up...

A friend of mine gave Justus his first pair of shin guards. (Thank you, Dawn!!!!!) He was so excited when he saw them this morning. He wore them all day, playing soccer in the backyard with Derek and even when we went to play tennis later this afternoon. He loves them and thinks he is a true soccer player now. I told Dawn the shin guards must have brought out the testosterone in him, because he even answered "nature's call" for the first time in our backyard...haha, the fun begins! He is growing up so fast. He is into Knock-Knock jokes, helping around the house, and learning about, watching, and playing any and every sport possible. He makes us laugh constantly and is such a sweet big brother (well, usually:)) I have to say, though...I'm a little bit worried about the possible struggle tomorrow morning when we tell him he can't wear his shin guards to church! haha

Almost there!!!!!!!!

As of last Thursday, I am 36 weeks. Eli is engaged in my pelvis at a "Plus 1" (Plus 4 meaning he's out of there!! Here's a picture about that.) I've had a few Braxton Hicks contractions, and sometimes I feel like he's about to fall out of me!! SOOO, I'm just praying he doesn't come too early! Here's some pics to see my/his progression. We did the clothes/pictures the same way everytime so the change would be even cooler to look at...but I didn't realize how tight and silly my shirt would look at the end:) haha Anyway, here they are!
12 Weeks

20 Weeks

23 Weeks

27 Weeks

36 Weeks

Trick or Sneezing

Well, snotty noses and all, we trekked over to the mall to do a quick run around for candy. Justus and Titus were both sick with a cold and cough, but we had been talking about trick or treating for some time now...and you know Justus wasn't going to just let that go!! Justus was Spiderman, and Titus was (of course) Superman...since that's the costume Justus wore LAST year!! They were a cute pair, and I actually saw a couple other Spiderman/Superman duos trick or treating together. The boys had fun looking at the other kids' costumes, and were a little overwhelmed by the crowd and craziness. We didn't stay that long, but we made it around to most of the stores handing out candy and took a few minutes to sit and people-watch while Justus ate a sucker:) We made it home for an almost on-time bedtime, so that was good! Here's some pics of the boys....