A cRy FoR HELP!!!

Not really, but here's my problem. I'm doing an Advent "Calendar" with Justus this year for the first time, and I'm trying to start many traditions with him and Titus (and Derek and Eli, too of course:)) Basically, I'm filling 24 envelopes with fun things to do/eat/see/experience during the Christmas season. Here's what I have so far.....please let me know of any of your personal family traditions (that you don't mind passing on:)) that I could add to our list or other random ideas I could add here:) Thanks!! (You can leave a comment or email me at annacfrye@yahoo.com) Oh, and don't forget, we will have a newborn baby around, so no crazy ideas!! haha

1. Put up Christmas tree with ornaments and lights
2. Decorate house for Christmas (just the random decorations inside, nothing fancy:))
3. Tell/read Christmas story, go and buy little Nativity Scene and set up without baby Jesus
4. Make Christmas tree ornaments for school teachers, Bible study teachers, etc. (glass balls that we will paint on the inside)
5. Make a snowman with cotton balls, etc.
6. Go for a walk to collect pine cones...Make a bird feeder
7. ?????????
8. Make and decorate Christmas cookies
9. Make Christmas wreath(s) out of outer edge of paper plate, red/green tissue paper, etc. to hang on doorknobs around the house (etc.)
10. Watch a Christmas movie with Mommy and Daddy and drink hot chocolate
11. Christmas party at our local library (thanks to Hurst for planning that one for me:))
12. Make paper snowflakes for front windows and glass door
13. Make and take treats to neighbors
14. ?????
15. ??Christmas party with 2 of Justus' friends (Christmas-y food and exchange gifts)
16. ????
17. Christmas party at Justus' school (again, nicely planned for me!!)
18. ????
19. Drive/walk around neighborhood (etc.) to look at Christmas lights
20. Christmas party at family-friends' house (Thanks, Paula for planning that one:))
21. Make a Gingerbread house
22. Give the boys Christmas pajamas to wear
23. ????
24. ????Maybe another Christmas movie and hot chocolate night, but probably not since Derek and I will most likely be doing last-minute Christmas things to get ready for the morning
25. Put baby Jesus in the manger, open gifts, Christmas-y breakfast, etc.
One idea I don't have on here yet is to go to a story time where Mr/Mrs Claus will be telling the stories. I know malls have this sometimes, so if it's on a convenient day (i.e., when Derek can watch the 2 younger boys, or when Titus is prepared to sit and listen to a story - haha) I'll add that one in.

Please help me think of more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


jackson said…
here are a few ideas that might fit into your calendar

(16)decorate and hang Christmas stockings

(18)write and mail letter to Santa Claus

(14)make and send Christmas card for Grandparents

(23)camp out next to the Christmas tree

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