He's growing up...

A friend of mine gave Justus his first pair of shin guards. (Thank you, Dawn!!!!!) He was so excited when he saw them this morning. He wore them all day, playing soccer in the backyard with Derek and even when we went to play tennis later this afternoon. He loves them and thinks he is a true soccer player now. I told Dawn the shin guards must have brought out the testosterone in him, because he even answered "nature's call" for the first time in our backyard...haha, the fun begins! He is growing up so fast. He is into Knock-Knock jokes, helping around the house, and learning about, watching, and playing any and every sport possible. He makes us laugh constantly and is such a sweet big brother (well, usually:)) I have to say, though...I'm a little bit worried about the possible struggle tomorrow morning when we tell him he can't wear his shin guards to church! haha


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