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Sunday Car Wash

Derek decided it was a good day to clean out and wash the cars. Of course, in classic Derek style, he included each and every one of the boys.

They took on the job with much excitement 

And eventually, little brother discovered the power he held in his hands...

Pics from Mother's Day

And since the boys weren't cooperative in taking Mother's Day pictures, we decided to take a Father's Day pic for next month :)

"I do it mySELF!"

He is actually very clever and SUCH a determined boy because of his stubbornness to do everything on his own. Hopefully it will pay off when he is older?!

Look at this surprise!!!

My sweet mother-in-law and brother-in-law, along with the help of my precious boys  COMPLETELY beautified my front yard while I was away at an appointment with my midwife!!
I love it!!!

Our Week in Pictures (just a few)

"Curious George"

My heroes