The Big Picture

We got a new kitchen table...

I would just post a picture of it, or just a picture of the boys sitting at it...

but you wouldn't realize how much bigger the table really is...

if I didn't post this picture first:

This is our old table. More recently, we got rid of the benches and bought chairs.

When we got rid of those benches, we were left completely stunned at how tiny the table looked and felt.

Were the benches an optical illusion??? Even people who had seen our table with the benches and then without wondered what in the world was up with the tiny kitchen table! 

It's the same table, we said.

It was tiny. Obviously, it always was tiny, but now it just felt even smaller.

Weird, but it was what it was.

We lived with it. We crammed in, squeezed in extra chairs and bar stools. Even brought in one of those little kids' tables as the boys got older (read: needed more space between themselves and their brothers.)

We searched and searched and finally found a great deal via Craigslist. 
A bigger table, 6 chairs, wide open spaces.

Except, with baby #5 on the way, making our family a family of 7,
we still won't fit.

One day, we can have a nice big dining table...

but for now...

I don't have to worry about paint and scuff marks and fork stabbings in this one...

and the inches between each child is a dream come true...

I'm actually enjoying meal times with these four cuties.

It's the little things :)


Jessica said…
I love that table! It looks like you have so much more room!

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