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A Day in the Life

6:45 Justus is up and at 'em bright and early, as usual. Walk out to the living room with him, turn on the "Penguin movie" from the library, and head back to his bed to get a few more minutes of shut-eye. (Titus is still asleep in our room, so I didn't want to go back in there and accidentally wake him up.)
7:15 Justus is back, telling me the penguin movie is over, and he wants to watch it again. Titus is awake anyway, so I get up to make them breakfast. I head BACK to my own bed, but I just lay there and listen to the boys being sweet to each other at the kitchen table. (I love being a "fly on the wall" for moments like this.) They converse about Daddy being at school today, about Eli still being asleep, and about what each of them is eating. Then, they move to the little craft table and make birthday cake for each other out of their play dough and take turns singing "Happy Birthday" to each member of our family.
7:45 Titus comes in to see me, and…

Eli is 7 months old!!!!!

5 things Eli LIKES:
1. Taking a bath and splashing like crazy
2. Sucking his thumb
3. Watching his big brothers play
4. Putting everything in his mouth
5. Exploring the house and the treasures all over the floor:)

5 things Eli does NOT like:
1. Having a wet or poopy diaper
2. Getting his diaper changed (if only he could figure out how to make numbers 1 and 2 a positive thing, since they work together!!:))
3. When Justus and Titus get really loud and start screaming
4. Getting stuck behind a door
5. Pulling up to a standing position on the couch and then slowly doing the splits, unable to figure out how to get back down or back up...hahahaha

Wordless Wednesday


Put down the Duckie

Happy Father's Day to my Dad and to the Daddy of my kids!! We had a great weekend with Derek home. Saturday evening, we went to the park to feed the ducks (and pigeons and squirrels) and play.

It ended up being a little bit too hot for us, so we didn't stay that long. We came home and the boys swam outside in their little pool while I made dinner.

Sunday, I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Here's a picture of the boys taking breakfast to Daddy in bed. (No, he wasn't still sleeping. He was reading:))

After breakfast and showers, we went to church. What a wonderful sermon, complete with the best description I've ever heard of life after God gives us the gift of the new heaven and new earth. You can listen to that here, although when I'm writing this, the June 20th sermon isn't on there yet. (Just click on the podcast, and it will open in iTunes.) As we drove home from church, Derek and I decided that we HAD to get our car checked out today, because it has been…

I love this...

Cooking and cleaning can wait till tomorrow,
For babies grow up,
we've learned to our sorrow.
So settle down cobwebs,
dust go to sleep,
I'm nursing my baby and babies don't keep.


Wordless Wednesday


Just pictures

All 3 waiting at the door for Daddy to get home:)

The happiest 6 month old baby

Eli attacking the printer...Yes, he pulls up to his knees and to stand now!!!! (He is currently standing up next to the couch talking to me:) Guess it's time to go play!!)

One Word Wednesday


Man's Justus' and Titus' Best Friend

Derek's brother, Jack, went out of town for the weekend, so guess who came back to visit.....Nugget!! For those of you who don't remember (or perhaps you forgot), Nugget moved in with Jack after a horrific bout with the fleas. Derek and I didn't mind having her back for a few days, because she is such great entertainment for all 3 of the boys. They L-O-V-E her. In fact, when Jack came to pick her up on Sunday, Justus was already talking about Nugget coming back to spend the night another time. We said that would be just fine:)

Eli got plenty of kisses, J and T loved walking Nugget, Justus enjoyed having a shadow, and I vacuumed every room when she left;)

Happy 30th Birthday, Derek!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday to the sweetest husband, the most fun daddy, and the best friend a girl could ask for. We love you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wordless Wednesday