Put down the Duckie

Happy Father's Day to my Dad and to the Daddy of my kids!! We had a great weekend with Derek home. Saturday evening, we went to the park to feed the ducks (and pigeons and squirrels) and play.

It ended up being a little bit too hot for us, so we didn't stay that long. We came home and the boys swam outside in their little pool while I made dinner.

Sunday, I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Here's a picture of the boys taking breakfast to Daddy in bed. (No, he wasn't still sleeping. He was reading:))

After breakfast and showers, we went to church. What a wonderful sermon, complete with the best description I've ever heard of life after God gives us the gift of the new heaven and new earth. You can listen to that here, although when I'm writing this, the June 20th sermon isn't on there yet. (Just click on the podcast, and it will open in iTunes.) As we drove home from church, Derek and I decided that we HAD to get our car checked out today, because it has been making an awful noise that just continues to get worse and worse. SO after we ate lunch and the little boys laid down for their naps, Justus and I went to National Tire and Battery. Turns out we need new shocks and a new wheel bearing...which they didn't have...so we are officially stranded at home until we get that fixed!

ANYWAY, onto Father's Day!!!!! We went to Putt-Putt for some fun, family time, and food. Yes, we ate dinner at Putt-Putt. I think the boys are not quite old enough to appreciate all of the games in the arcade, but we had fun anyway. Derek and I enjoy playing the games, Titus is still young enough that he can "play" the games without actually having to put any tokens in ;), and Justus and Titus both like those silly, cheap toys you can buy with your tickets. Here's pictures of our time there, and a slide show I made for Derek for Father's Day is at the bottom. We love you, Derek!!! We appreciate the sacrifices you make for us, the hard work you are putting into your new career path, and the love you show us each and every day!! Happy Father's Day!

Titus ate 3 pieces of cheese pizza!!!!!

A kiss from my sweet boy:)

Justus eating his candy bracelet

A kiss from sweet Daddy:)

The boys!!!

Oh...J and T picked out these little rubber duckies as a couple of their prizes, and they were singing Ernie's "Put Down the Duckie" the whole night. We started our fun weekend with the ducks and finished it off playing with toy ducks and singing about ducks. haha

Enjoy the show! (You'll have to pause the music in the playlist at the top right on this blog if you want to hear the music on the slide show.) There were captions on the show, but when you want to share it with anybody away from the site, you have to pay for those features! Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!


Anonymous said…
Sooooooooo sweet!!! Another reminder of HOW PRECIOUS and HOW BLESSED you are!!! We are very thankful that God brought Derek into our family!!!

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