Man's Justus' and Titus' Best Friend

Derek's brother, Jack, went out of town for the weekend, so guess who came back to visit.....Nugget!! For those of you who don't remember (or perhaps you forgot), Nugget moved in with Jack after a horrific bout with the fleas. Derek and I didn't mind having her back for a few days, because she is such great entertainment for all 3 of the boys. They L-O-V-E her. In fact, when Jack came to pick her up on Sunday, Justus was already talking about Nugget coming back to spend the night another time. We said that would be just fine:)

Eli got plenty of kisses, J and T loved walking Nugget, Justus enjoyed having a shadow, and I vacuumed every room when she left;)


jackson said…
she's one tired out pooch...she done nothing but rest all day :)thanks again for keeping her for the weekend...

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